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2011 Australian Masters

The Australian Masters Men’s Singles

The Seeded players for the 2011 Singles were.
1. Robert Modra (SA)
2. Mitchell Clegg (NSW)
3. Craig Atze (SA)
4. Eddy Sims (VIC)
5. Ian Wise (SA)
6. Pat Orreal (QLD)
7. Laurie Loch (SA)
8. Darren Webster (VIC)
9. Clinton Bridge(VIC)
10. Peter Machin (SA)
11. Lindsay Wells (SA)
12. Jamie Brown (VIC)
13. Jackson Wilson-Young (NT)
14. Tony David (WA)
15. Dean Gibbs (VIC)
16. Owen McArthur (QLD)

There were 103 players entered for this event and the final 16 left in the event were: R. Modra, J. Bailey, K. Penberthy, C. Bridge, P. Machin, I Wise, M. Cuming, E. Sims, C.Atze, T. David, P. Orreal, J. Brown, L. Loch, J. Murdoch, R. Matthewson, S. Duke.

The last eight were: R. Modra, C. Bridge, E. Sims, I. Wise, T. David, P. Orreal,  J. Murdoch and S. Duke.

The last four were: R. Modra, P. Orreal, E. Sims and J. Murdoch.

The 2011 Australian Masters final was between Robert Modra and Pat Orreal, and what a final it turned out to be, one of the best AMW finals if not the best there has been.  Best of 15 legs, with an 8 to 5 result, the longest winning leg during the final was 18 darts, a final of the highest standard, with Pat Orreal winning his second consecutive Australian Masters Title. The averages for the final were Pat Orreal; 32.19 and Robert Modra 27.87..   Pats winning legs in 16, 15, 12, 14,18, 16 15 &15. Roberts winning legs in, 17,18,18, 15, & 15.  Pat finished 3 legs with good finishes, they were 136, 141, and the final leg with a 150.  A great final played in the best spirit by 2 wonderful players.

The best Junior player was Matthew Francios.

There was  58 x 180’s in the Men’s singles, and the highest finish was James Bailey with 155.

2011 AMW Finalist, Rob Modra. His average, 27.87.

2011 Rene Stevenson Memorial Ladies Singles

Players seeded are:
1. Corrine Hammond (NSW)
2. Natalie Carter         (WA)
3. Carol Forwood        (VIC)
4. Sandra Smith          (TAS)
5. Lavinia Hogg           (NSW)
6. Fran Shore              (NSW)
7. Chrissy Sheerin      (QLD)
8. Helen Johnston      (TAS)
9. Julie Thomas          (SA)
10. Pam Burr                (QLD)
11. Vanessa Bridge      (SA)
12. Melissa Sinnott       (VIC)
13. Lee-Anna Faulkner(TAS)
14. Sue Tuhi                (VIC)
15. Marge Tonkin         (SA)
16. Lorraine Burn         (QLD)

There were 64 entries in the ladies singles, and the last 16 were: C. Hammond, L. Burn, H. Johnston, K. Crowdey,  L. Hogg,  M. Sinnott, D. McLeod, L-A, Faulkner, C. Forwood,  J. Cassar,  F. Shore, V. Bridge,  C. Sheerin, P. Burr, N. Carter, V. Geisler.

In the quarter finals the results are:
C. Hammond  def. H. Johnson, 4/2.  D. McLeod  def. L. Hogg 4/1.
C. Forwood def. V. Bridge, 4/2.  N. Carter def. P. Burr 4/2.

Semi Final results:
Corrine Hammond  def. Dor McLeod 5/2.
Carol Forwood def. Natalie Carter 5/2.

The Final result:
Carol Forwood defeated Corrine Hammond 6 games to 5.

The Final averages:  Carol 21.10.  Corrine 21.74.

Saturday October 15th saw both the  Pauline Munday Memorial Ladies Doubles, and the Tommy Brightwell Memorial Mens Doubles played at White Eagle House in Geelong.

There was 53 men’s entries and 38 ladies doubles entries.  This event is played under the “double life” system.

Play commenced at 11am, and the last eight in the first life for the Ladies were,

L. Faulkner & L. Burn.  M. Tonkin & J. Thomas.  J Rodwell & G. Crosbie.  L. Hammond & S. Tuhi.
P. Burr & K. Cowdrey,  C. Sheerin & L. Burn, N. Carter & C. Forwood, F.Shore & L. Hogg.

The final eight after the second life were:

C. Sheerin & L. Burn, K. McKiernan & K. Brenezeries, P. Roach & H. Cornell,
C. Wooley & H. johnson, C.Hammond & S. Tuhi, N. Carter & C. Forwood,
V. Bridge & S. Francios,  J. Nelson & J. Olsen.

First life last 4:  M. Tonkin & J. Thomas,  C. Hammond & S. Tuhi, C. Sheerin & L. Burn,
F. Shore & L. Hogg.

Second like last 4:  L. Sheerin & L. Burn,  P. Roach & A Cornell-Griffin,
C. Hammond & S. Tuhi,  . V. Bridge & S Francois.

The final of the first life saw C. Cheerin and L Burn defeat C. Hammond and S. Tuhi.

Second life final saw V. Bridges and S Francios defeat C. Sheerin and L. burn.

The final was played between Chrissy Sheerin & Lorraine Burn  and Vanessa Bridge & Seven Francios.  With the winners of the 2011 Pauline Munday Memorial Ladies  Doubles being
Chrissy Sheerin and Lorraine Burn.

In the ladies doubles there were 4 x 180’s, the Highest Peg was by Pam Burr with 120.
The best Juniors were Kia Johnson and Maddison Viccars, with the best GLDA players being Dot Warren and Lorna Phyland.

The Tommy Brightwell  Memorial Men’s Doubles:

The Semi-final results were:   C. Atze & I. Wise defeated D. Tratford & B. Smith 4/2.
J. Bailey & P. Machin defeated E. Sims & M. Cuming 4/0.

In the final J. Bailey (Qld) & P. Machin (SA) defeated C. Atze (SA) & I. Wise (SA) 5/3

Highest finish in the doubles, Paul Thompson (Geelong) 160.

To all who travelled from Interstate to Geelong to compete we thank you, for local Geelong players and all Victorian players we thank you to.  To the Committee’s of the Geelong Ladies Darts Association, and the Geelong Darts Association, my sincere thanks for your wonderful commitment to our sport.  It was a wonderful weekend, and we all hope to see you back here in October 2012. Special thanks to Kelvin and Debbie James for setting up the big screen, it really looked great.

On behalf of the Geelong Associations,
Alan Luke. President GDA Inc..