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WDF Members and Membership Applications in Members page.

The WDF Executive


Bill Hatter

Vice President Corporate

Buddy Bartoletta

Vice President Finance

Sabine Shanahan

Athletes Representative

Deta Hedman

Secretary General

Nick Rolls

Sports Administrator

Zanis Buklovskis

Youth Commissioner

Dietmar Schuhmann

The WDF Officials

Anti-Doping Officer

Roger Bick

Cups Director

Arjan de Waal

Membership Officer

Dietmar Schuhmann

WDF Referees

Jacques Nieuwlaat, Nick Rolls, Christian Sørensen, Marco Meijer

WDF Special Officers and Delegates


Sustainability Officer

Open position

Athletes’ Safeguarding Officer

Open position

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Open position

Integrity Officer (WDF Code of Ethics Article 7.2)

Paul James

ParaDarts delegate

Sarah Smale

WDF Communications Officer

Andrew Sinclair

WDF Commissions


WDF Athletes Commission

Chair Athletes Representative Deta Hedman

WDF Athletes Entourage Commission

Open chair

WDF Sport for All Development and Active Society Commission

Open chair

WDF Women in Sport Commission

Chair Silke Lowe

WDF Youth in Sport Commission

Chair Youth Commissioner Dietmar Schuhmann

Honorary Positions

Honorary President

Roy Price

About The WDF

The World Darts Federation (WDF) was founded in 1976. The WDF is a non-political, non-racial and non-profit making organization dedicated toward achieving and maintaining the highest possible standard of presentation and organization, around the world. As a world-wide federation of darts bodies, the WDF encourages the promotion of the Sport of Darts among and between those bodies.

WDF organizes the following international

WDF Cup events

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  • World Cup  (odd # years – open to all WDF nations)
  • Americas Cup  (even # years – open to WDF nations in the Americas)
  • Asia-Pacific Cup  ( even # years – open to WDF nations in Asia & the South Pacific)
  • Europe Cup  ( even # years – open to WDF nations in Europe)
  • WDF Europe Cup Youth (every year – open to WDF nations in Europe)

WDF Major events

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  • WDF World Masters
  • WDF World Championships

WDF Ranking systems

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  • Men and Women
  • Boys and Girls

WDF Member Bodies

Currently, the WDF is comprised nations across the six continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Current member bodies contact information is available in Federation -Members page Membership is open to the official National organizing body for Darts in all nations.

International Sport Federations

WDF is member of The Alliance of Independent recognized Members of Sport – AIMS. WDF has signed World Anti-Doping Code and develop clean sport culture with WADA. in an effort to gain international recognition for Darts as a major Sport. WDF is moving forward to get IOC recognition hopefully in near future.


The WDF holds annual General Meetings, in conjunction with WDF Cup events. World Darts Federation, Inc. is incorporated in the USA. English is the official language of the WDF. The official currency is the U.S. dollar.