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2021 Romanian Darts Festival on hold

Romanian Darts Festival 2021

To all the friends, supporters, sponsors, (past and future) darts players, media acolytes as well as world darts organizations, fans of the Romanian Darts Festival.

After careful assessment of the peculiar and difficult pandemic situation as well as restrictions (related to travel and events, for instance), it is with unconcealed sadness that we, the Romanian Darts Federation have decided to cancel the 2021 edition of the Romanian Darts Festival.

Although we kept our hopes up, the current context leaves us not much room for making the end-of-January friendship, fun and sports magic happen.

We are going to miss having all of you around next year, but we plan to post, during that particular weekend (namely January 29-31, 2021) a series of photos from various competitional years, so that we can reminisce upon the wonderful times spent together, looking forward to the ones to come.

In the meantime, we remain at your disposal and plan to attend as many online competitions possible!

Stay safe, be well and last but not least,

| Game on!

October 10, 2020

Vlad Popa
Vice president Romanian Darts Federation