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2023 WDF World Masters - Update

The World Darts Federation is continuing to work hard to secure the required commercial deals for the WDF World Masters to take place in 2023.

WDF Secretary-General Nick Rolls said: "Earlier this year, I mentioned that the WDF were working towards a deadline of March 31st to decide whether the World Masters would go ahead in 2023 or not.

"We have been, and still remain, in a number of exciting conversations that would allow us to secure the long-term future of the World Masters in the way we have with the WDF World Championships.

"It is important to keep those conversations ongoing for as long as possible because we want to do all that we can to ensure that every possibility is explored for the benefit of our players and member nations.

"That said, we also know that radio silence is not helpful for the players and federations around the world that support our tournaments and it's for that reason that we are setting a firm decision deadline at the end of June that will be adhered to."

Paul Engelbertink, Director of the Nederlandse Darts Bond, added: "The 2022 Winmau World Masters was a phenomenal success and it was fantastic to have such a big event here in the Netherlands.

"We are aware that the WDF are continuing to explore a number of strategic partnerships around the tournament. When we receive the green light from the WDF to proceed, we have the venue and system in place to ensure another excellent event on the darting calendar."

The WDF will provide further clarification on the status of the 2023 World Masters after that June decision deadline.

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