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4 Nations Tournament – Danny Noppert hits 9-darter

Pressrelease Dutch Darts Association

Darter Danny Noppert from Joure in the Netherlands achieved perfection in the fifth leg of his clash with Frans Harmsen at the 4 Nations Tournament in Germany last Sunday with a nine-darter. It was the second time he’s achieved this incredible feat as, in 2012, he did this in the Netherlands at an NDB Ranking Tournament.

Noppert not only threw a perfect leg, but he also won the singles title at the 4 Nations Tournament. Fellow countryman Wesley Harms was second.

In the women’s event the Belgian Nicole Delie won by beating the Dutch player Vanesse Zuidema. In the boys tournament, World Champion Maikel Verberk took the victory and Kyana Frauenfelder was champion in the girls event.

The 4 Nations Tournament is a country tournament between the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. On Saturday, the Dutch men and women won the team tournament in Kirchheim. Also the Dutch boys delegation proved to be the strongest. Germany won the girls tournament.

Results Single Tournament:

Men Last 8
Danny Noppert (NL) – Frans Harmsen (NL) 4-2
Roger Janssen (BEL) – Jeffrey Sparidaans (NL) 3-4
Martin Schindler (GER) – Wesley Harms (NL) 2-4
Ricardo Pietreczko (GER) – Rick Hofstra (NL) 4-3

Men Last 4
Danny Noppert (NL) – Jeffrey Sparidaans (NL) 5-3
Wesley Harms (NL) – Ricardo Pietreczko (GER) 5-3

Men Final
Danny Noppert (NL) – Wesley Harms (NL) 5-4

Ladies Last 8
Vanessa Zuidema (NL) – Silke Lowe (GER) 3-2
Anne Willkomm (GER)-Steffi Zwitkowitsch (GER) 0-3
Anca Zijlstra (NL) – Steffi Lück (BEL) 2-3
Nicole Delie (BEL) – Karin Krappen (NL) 3-1

Ladies Last 4
Vanessa Zuidema (NL) – Steffi Zwitkowitsch (GER) 4-3
Steffi Lück (BEL) – Nicole Delie (BEL) 0-4

Ladies Final
Vanessa Zuidema (NL) – Nicole Delie (BEL) 3-4

Boys Final
Maikel Verberk (NL) – Nico Schlund (GER) 4-0

Girls Final
Kyana Frauenfelder (NL) – Priscilla Steenbergen (NL) 4-0