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Anastasia is crowned 2012 Womens World Champion

Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova was crowned champion of the world for a second time after toppling top seed Deta Hedman 2-1.

The 27-year-old had to comeback from losing the opening set against the throw and finished the final with a 90 checkout finished on bull, ending the 46 minute encounter.

The East European practised with men’s quarter finalist Alan Norris ahead of the final, adding the title she won back in 2008.

But for Hedman will be the memory of miscounting in the second set, losing the throwing advantage to the former champ.

Dobromyslova won the race to the double in the first leg, with the throw but suffered final jitters, finally exiting on double five after Hedman powered in 118 to pressure the shot. The Russian had the chance to extend her lead after Hedman missed a bull finish but missed three doubles, the Witham ace shooting out on double nine.

Hedman powered in a 125 to take the advantage in the next leaving herself 25 but hitting treble five but recovering to clinch double three and a 2-1 lead against the throw. She missed bull for an 86 set winner in the next, the Russian pouncing to capture double 10, against the throw to level the set.

With both players giving each other the utmost respect the big scores were missing as the two protagonists vied for supremacy, the Ellesmere Port player missing four attempts for double tops and one for double 10 to defend the throwing advantage.

Needing 82, Hedman hit single 11 but recovered brilliantly with treble 13 and pierced the double 16 for a set-winning 82 checkout – against the advantage.

She blasted in a maximum in the opening leg of the second set and powered in double 18 after former world champ failed to finish 141. The Russian set the pace in the next but missed two double 16s, Hedman missing bull for a 122 checkout, Dobromyslova missing a further three doubles. The Essex player miss double eight and then double four, the confident Russian wading in to level the set on double four.

In the third with 42 left Hedman threw for double 16 thinking she needed 32, realising her mistake and missing the remaining double 13, her opponent seizing the opportunity to take a 2-1 set lead against the throw, turning to acknowledge her husband in the crowd.

But Hedman recovered immediately to hit a two-dart 100 checkout to steal the fourth and nullify her opponent’s previous leg, Dobromyslova missing tops for a 120 but having time to exit on double five.

Both players missed doubles to take the crucial opening leg of the third set, the former champ holding her throw to finish on double eight. Hedman fluffed bull for 84 in the next as the Russian made no mistake with double tops for a 78 checkout, going on to take the title with an impressive 90 checkout, finished on the bull, clinching the impressive silver trophy and the £10,000 first prize.

Afterwards she wiped away the tears of emotion and said: “I never give up, that is my problem. I have a lot of respect for Deta and did think after beating her, oh not again! It was hard playing against my friend. When I got back to 1-1 it gave me a break.

“I cannot describe what it means winning the world title again, it’s just amazing.

“I could have split the shot at the end but went for the bull because Deta was not far behind, so I just had to take it,” said the jubilant champion.

Photo: Henk Westerdaal