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Canadian Open 2016 – results

Canadian Open was played 18/06/2016 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada  with 154 men and 86 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 23/06/2016.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Kiley Edmunds Canada 1 Karrah Boutilier Canada Jeff Smith Canada 2 Kim Whaley Hilts Canada Jason Pelley Canada 3 Darlene MacLeod Canada John Norman JR. Canada 3 Joanne Luke Canada Paul Bolduc Canada 5 Trish Grzesik Canada Brent Colombe Canada 5 Kristi Lewis Canada Ashtin Bear Canada 5 Carole Heriott USA David Cameron Canada 5 Louise Beaudin Canada Darren Macnevin Canada 9 Maria Mason Canada Dan Dairocas Canada 9 Dianne Gobeil Canada Oliver Jones Canada 9 Nancy Ste Croix Canada Edward Ka-Pawan Canada 9 Joanne Whelan Canada Terry Fougere Canada 9 Jolie Brant Canada Scott Tracey Canada 9 Cindy Veith Canada Rick Kirkpatrick Canada 9 Sandra Squires Canada Matt Lehtisaari Canada 9 Donna Bisaro Canada