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Communication from GAISF President 04/09/2017

06 September 2017

To the attention of All GAISF Member International Federations

Lausanne, 4 September 2017

Dear GAISF Members,
Dear Presidents and Secretaries General,
Dear Friends,

As we move into September and the final season of another busy year in sport, it is my pleasure to update you on some of the developments and initiatives which are shaping the future of GAISF.

In my last letter, I described the steps being taken in relation to new members and the need to develop appropriate and workable criteria before welcoming the first Observer Members. I am pleased to report that our Membership Commission will meet in early September and we expect to be able to announce the first Observer Members shortly afterwards.

Progress continues to be made in strengthening GAISF’s relationship with the International Olympic Committee to ensure that we are perfectly aligned in our vision, outlook and expectations. This is our core relationship and I am looking forward to sharing more news with you in the coming months. Also, the ITA project is moving ahead rapidly. GAISF is closely accompanying the IOC and WADA in this and you will receive detailed news shortly.

Great excitement surrounded today’s launch of our striking new logo and brand-style which marks not only our name change but the dawn of a new era for our Association.

Members’ decision to approve the change of name to the Global Association of International Sports Federations created the practical need to produce a logo which clearly and concisely identified GAISF on stationery and across all forms of communication. It also created an opportunity for GAISF to make a visual statement about the association and its alignment to the Olympic Movement.

The new logo was commissioned, after a bidding procedure with 5 companies, from José Miguel Tortajada Aguilar, the highly experienced Barcelona-based designer whose work has won many prestigious awards worldwide.
His brief was to create a style which reflects a truly global organisation and which instantly identified GAISF, its mission and values in a simple and effective way.

José says he set out to create a logo which “transmits sports values, that denotes collaboration, dynamism, diversity, elegance, clarity, modernity, unity, exchange, and friendship and that the style he opted for is based on simplicity and order, prioritising comprehension and organisation.”

I hope you will agree those objectives have been achieved and that the new logo reflects our globality and sense of purpose in a highly effective way. It is built around the simplicity of the GAISF acronym but rendered in colours which reflect the wide world of sport. Perhaps the most striking element of the logo is the initial ‘G’ slanted at a 17-degree angle just like the earth itself.

It has been designed to be visually effective and practical across a wide range of applications from stationery and signage to video and even T-shirts!

It is certainly more than a Head Office tool and the logo is now available to download by members for use on all your communications materials. You will, for example, find versions of the logo which denote your membership of GAISF and for events which are held ‘Under the Patronage of GAISF’. The official Brand Book, which will provide guidance on its effective and appropriate use in different applications, will be available soon on the new website.

We are all members of a diverse global organisation and our new logo represents our unity and common bond in furthering the interests of sport worldwide and I hope you will take the opportunity to incorporate it in your own communications materials.

If you would like any assistance or advice to help you do so please contact Mr. Philippe Gueisbuhler, Head of Administration of GAISF. You will find attached to this letter a complete contact list with the new email addresses of the GAISF administration and its staff.

Many of you will have seen the logo and brand-style for the first time via the new GAISF website which has been designed both as a portal for GAISF information and news and for member communications.

Like the brand itself, the new website is dynamic, bright and highly practical and, over the weeks and months ahead, it will continue to develop to provide a full range of regularly updated information and insight about GAISF and its members.

As part of the new content mix there will be opportunities for members to submit or have input to articles and it is important that we see the website as ‘ours.’ It is a shared asset and one which I hope all members will take full advantage of.

Plans are well under way for the 11th IF Forum to be held in Lausanne. This year’s main theme is sustainability and further details of the programme and some top-level speakers will be announced shortly.
Because sport touches the lives of millions around the world we can all help lead the way in promoting the sustainability agenda. The IF Forum will not just inform and inspire delegates but equip them with ideas and practical initiatives to do this and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Lausanne to exchange on this and on other topics of interest to you and GAISF.

We are looking forward to sending you the next update early October with more details on the IF Forum and an update on the current projects.

In the meantime, we wish you all to enjoy the rest of the summer and a lot of success for your various events.

Patrick Baumann

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