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Daniel Larsson 9 darter in Swedish Championship and results

We would like to inform you with great pleasure that our player Daniel Larsson just scored a 9 darter in the ongoing singles event in Swedish Championships 27/02/2016. This is the first time it happens in a Swedish Federation event.

Previously it has been done twice in a district event in Stockholm, Gunnar Glasö and Magnus Caris and by Oskar Lukasiak in Danish Open.

Picture & text Swedish Darts Federation

Results updated

MEN’S SINGLES TEAM POS WOMEN’S SINGLES TEAM Martin Koverhult Belkin Power Dart Club 1 Vicky Pruim Donald Dart Klubb Ricky Nauman Sola Dart Club 2 Malin Karlström TTVH Dartclub Johan Engström Steel Tons Dart Club 3-4. Susianne Hägvall Steel Tons Dart Club Dennis Nilsson Sola Dart Club 3-4. Deana Rosenblom Donald Dart Klubb Daniel Larsson Stockholm Super Dart Club 5-8. Paulina Söderström Steel Tons Dart Club Veine Hagen Victory Lakers Tumba Dart Club 5-8. Angelica Strid Målilla Dart Club Peter Sajwani Steel Tons Dart Club 5-8. Maud Jansson Steel Tons Dart Club Oskar Lukasiak Belkin Power Dart Club 5-8. Emelie Lindell TTVH Dartclub Christer Bergendahl West Coast Dart Club 9-16. Linda Odén Stollarne Dart Club Jan-Erik Hermansson TTVH Dartclub 9-16. Helene Sundelin Spikkastarna Dartklubb Andreas Harrysson Målilla Dart Club 9-16. Carina Larsson Kungsbacka Dartklubb Olli Lehtikangas Målilla Dart Club 9-16. Susanna Bjelkholm Kungsbacka Dartklubb Hans Pettersson TTVH Dartclub 9-16. Kristin Bomander Steel Tons Dart Club Thomas Nestling Sola Dart Club 9-16. Tove Smedberg Doris Dartclub Jonas Olovsson Steel Tons Dart Club 9-16. Camilla Winter Carlskrona Dart Club Peter Alvesparr Donald Dart Klubb 9-16. Kristina Korpi Donald Dart Klubb–