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Darts Tournament Results – Canadian Open 2019, Canada

Canadian Open was played 15/06/2019 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with 116 men and 83 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 21/06/2019.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Jeff Smith Canada 1 Dianne Gobeil Canada David Cameron Canada 2 Crystal Chiasson Canada Ron Looker Canada 3 Darlene Van Sleeuwen Canada Shane Wadden Canada 3 Patricia Farrell Canada Kerry Way Canada 5 Maria Mason Canada Nick Smith Canada 5 Danna Foster Canada Jacques Dionne Canada 5 Bailey Watson Canada Terry Fougere Canada 5 Marilyn Loft Canada Jason Smith Canada 9 Nicki Rolls Canada Yannick Lavoie Canada 9 Sally Fong Hoon Canada Ross Snook Canada 9 Trish Grzesik Canada Dwayne Laviolette Canada 9 Debralee Roberts Canada Jim Long Canada 9 Karrah Boutilier Canada Jason Roker Canada 9 Monique Gibbons Pike Canada Brian Cyr Canada 9 Joanne Luke Canada Rob Piercy Canada 9 Cathy Mathews Canada