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Darts Tournament Results – Dutch Open Darts 2020, Netherlands

Montgomery and De Graaf claim 2020 Bauhaus Dutch Open Titles

Ross “The Boss” Montgomery and Aileen de Graaf were crowned Men’s and Ladies champions respectively at the prestigious Bauhaus Dutch Open, last night in De Bonte Wever, Assen.

The World’s largest open darts tournament was contested over three days of action between 31st Jan – 2nd Feb where over 5,000 players took part. Montgomery claimed the Mens singles title in dominant fashion with a 3-1 win over Brian Raman, lifting the trophy for the second time in his career.

Ross also took the pairs title with his partner Martin Adams on Sunday evening in a much tighter final, defeating Colin Roelofs and Ryan de Vreede 5-4.

In the ladies category, Aileen de Graaf was crowned Dutch Open ladies champion for the third time in her career, defeating Anca Zijlstra 5-2 in final. In the women’s pairs Ziljstra also came in as the runner-up with partner Femke van Zuiden as they lost 4-2 to English pair Lorraine Winstanley and Margaret Sutton.

In the youth categories, Mark Tabak was crowned the U18 Boys champion with a 4-2 win over fellow countryman Marcel Bus 4-2, whilst Stijn Verbakel was named U14 Boys champion after whitewashing Francesco Basili 3-0. Defending girls champion Layla Brussel once again made it to the final but this time Lerena Rietbergen defeated her 3-1 to win the title.

Kwanghee Cho is the new Dutch Open Paradarts Champion 2020

For full results visit the Dutch Open website

03 February, 2020 Dutch Open Press Release

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Ross Montgomery Scotland 1 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands Brian Raman Belgium 2 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands Paul Hogan England 3 Deta Hedman England Wayne Warren Wales 3 Maria O’Brien England Jim Williams Wales 5 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands Andy Baetens Belgium 5 Kirsty Hutchinson England John Desreumaux Belgium 5 Irina Armstrong Germany Dave Parletti England 5 Floortje van Zanten Netherlands Sam Coenders Netherlands 9 Melanie Vermaas Netherlands Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9 Femke van Zuiden Netherlands Arjan Konterman Netherlands 9 Anita van der Velden Netherlands Mario Vandenbogaerde Belgium 9 Lerena Rietbergen Netherlands Aleksey Kadochnikov Russia 9 Caitlin Klein-Stavast Netherlands Richard Veenstra Netherlands 9 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands Heine Uuldriks Netherlands 9 Lorraine Winstanley England Martin Atkins (Leeds) England 9 Layla Brussel Netherlands Max Gras Netherlands 17 Olga Hoogenkamp Netherlands Roger van de Putte Netherlands 17 Romy Vermeulen Netherlands Danny de Bie Netherlands 17 Sharon Prins Netherlands Lukas Wenig Germany 17 Leonie Beekman Netherlands Roemer Mooijman Netherlands 17 Astrid Trouwborst Netherlands Jan de Weerdt Netherlands 17 Jana Kanovska Czech Republic Dirk van Duijvenbode Netherlands 17 Evelien van Tol Netherlands Jordan de Grunt Netherlands 17 Agnes den Breejen Netherlands Stefan Martena Netherlands 17 Paula Jacklin England Moreno Blom Netherlands 17 Lena Zollikofer Germany Peter Langeveld Netherlands 17 Margaret Sutton England Maikel Venema Germany 17 Tessa Hollander Netherlands Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 17 Mandy Smith England Nigel van Milligen Netherlands 17 Chris Savvery England Daniël Bakker Netherlands 17 Anna Hlavova Czech Republic Erik van Manen Netherlands 17 Ria Niemeijer Netherlands Guido van Raalten Netherlands 33 Xandra Smits Vogels Netherlands Martijn Mijnheer Netherlands 33 Daniela Duzi Austria Tony Baker England 33 Michelle Merlit Denmark Wiard Altena Netherlands 33 Lydia Wouters Netherlands Dafydd Edwards Wales 33 Jeanet Kerseboom Netherlands Luitsen Elzinga Netherlands 33 Alberta Beugels Netherlands Carlo van Cleef Netherlands 33 Katharina Vonrufs Henkel Switzerland Richard Kimmann Netherlands 33 Shannon Mos Netherlands Geert de Vos Belgium 33 Saskia van Zoeren Netherlands Robbie Knops Belgium 33 Laura Turner England Jim Mayer Luxembourg 33 Cheyenne Doddema Netherlands David Evans England 33 Kelly Streef Netherlands Deniz Armut Netherlands 33 Adrienn Vegso Hungary Wesley Plaisier Netherlands 33 Dymphie den Hollander Netherlands Nigel Lloyd Netherlands 33 Ilona van Emden Netherlands Kevin van der Kolk Netherlands 33 Aletta Wajer Netherlands Remco Tims Netherlands 33 Sabrina Jongenotter Netherlands Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 33 Harma Laan Netherlands Koen den Hartog Netherlands 33 Anouk van Goudswaard Netherlands Michael de Vries Netherlands 33 Jessica Geldof Netherlands Kay Smeets Netherlands 33 Kim Palstra Netherlands Martijn Kleermaker Netherlands 33 Rilana Honsbeek Netherlands Davyd Venken Belgium 33 Fabienne Romelingh Netherlands Tom van den Hoogen Netherlands 33 Jolanda Bosgoed Netherlands Fabian Roosenbrand Netherlands 33 Andrea Jost Austria Benjamin van Erven Netherlands 33 Chloe Obrien Scotland Barry Zander Netherlands 33 Sharon Pul Netherlands Dennie Olde Kalter Netherlands 33 Esmee van den Nieuwendijk Netherlands Tim Koster Netherlands 33 Anick Sonnichsen Denmark Rene Molendijk Netherlands 33 Kimberley Corper Netherlands Stefan Stam Netherlands 33 Michelle Verberk Netherlands Salmon Renyaan Netherlands 33 Monique Paalman Netherlands


BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country Mark Tabak Netherlands 1 Lerena Rietbergen Netherlands Marcel Bus Netherlands 2 Layla Brussel Netherlands Luke van der Kwast Netherlands 3 Chloe Obrien Scotland Daan Bastiaansen Netherlands 3 Aranka van der Waals Netherlands Owen Roelofs Netherlands 5 Kyenta Ysewijn Belgium Charlie Stocks England 5 Cheyenne Doddema Netherlands Keanu van Velzen Netherlands 5 Joella Verhagen Netherlands Pim van Bijnen Netherlands 5 Jaynie Wink Netherlands Angelo Balsamo Netherlands 9 Cheyenne Vleugels Belgium Bradly Roes Netherlands 9 Amy Geerlof Netherlands Lukas Jensen Denmark 9 Eireann van Wijgerden Netherlands Robin Stegler Denmark 9 Jaimy de Groot Netherlands Damian Vetjens Netherlands 9 Daphne Camijn Netherlands Justin Dekker Netherlands 9 Kelly Megens Netherlands Jamai van den Herik Netherlands 9 Chantal Tessin Netherlands Mats Veerman Netherlands 9 Ellie Larsson-Brown England Demy Sijbrands Netherlands 17 Jennifer Camijn Netherlands Marvin van Deest Netherlands 17 Danique van Leth Netherlands Youri Brouwer Netherlands 17 Amanda Nobre Germany Bram van Dijk Netherlands 17 Julia Sengers Netherlands Roy van den Berg Netherlands 17 Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands Lars Plaisier Netherlands 17 Britt van Schijndel Netherlands Timo Wolf Netherlands 17 Hilde Bunk Netherlands Danny Jansen Netherlands 17 Rosanne van der Velde Netherlands Calvin Nicolai Netherlands 17 Ronja Butterweck Germany Lesly Tessin Netherlands 17 Melissa Edes Netherlands Rowan van Alebeek Netherlands 17 Nicole Bouaraba Germany Ricardo van der Vloed Netherlands 17 Audrey Ysewijn Belgium Sydnee de Vries Netherlands 17 Iris Landeweer Netherlands Tim Verhagen Netherlands 17 Caithlynn Keizer Netherlands Wesley van Ravesteijn Netherlands 17 Lola van Vuren Netherlands Jeramey Postma Netherlands 17