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Darts Tournament Results – Estonian Open & Masters 2019

2019 Estonian Open & Masters Champion John Scott England

England’s John Scott triumphs in Tallinn by winning both Estonian Open and Estonian Masters titles this weekend, marking his first BDO victories of 2019.

The 16th Estonian Open 2019 and The 3rd Estonian Masters took place from 19.04. – 21.04.2019 in Tallinn. Organiser Estonian Darts Organisation.

The weekend took of 19.04.2019 with mixed pairs event with 98 players. The winners of the event were Helene Sundelin and Edwin Torbjörnsson from Sweden by beating Pekka Lehto and Veijo Viinikka from Finland in the final.

Estonian Open 2019 was played 20.04.2019 with 125 men and 40 women.

The Ladies Pairs event with 16 pairs was won by Kirsi Viinikainen and Sari Nikula from Finland, they beat Zeltite Strade and Marija Ruzane from Latvia in the final.

The Mens Pairs event with 51 pairs was won by Tobias Lundblad and Edwin Torbjörnsson from Sweden, they beet Teuvo Haverinen and Veijo Viinikka in the final.

The Ladies singles event saw Kaisu Rekinen from Finland taking her first title in the season as she won fellow Finnish player Marika Juhola in the final.

The Men Singles event was won by John Scott from England as he beat Tobias Lundblad from Sweden in very competitive final.

Estonian Masters 2019 was played 21.04 with 90 men and 26 women.

The Ladies Estonian Masters title was won by Helene Sundelin from Sweden as she beat 2018 Estonian Masters Champion Kirsi Viinikainen from Finland in the final.

The Mens Estonian Masters event, John Scott was the man on a mission, he continued his dominance as he took his second title of the weekend by winning 2018 Estonian Masters Champion Paavo Myller from Finland in high level final.

The Estonian Open 2020 and The Estonian Masters will take place from 17.04. – 19.04.2020 in Tallinn.

Photos: Erkki Klaas / KLAAS Photography / Estonian Darts Organisation

Estonian Open was played 20/04/2019 with 125 men and 40 women. Estonian Masters was played 21/04/2019 with 90 men and 26 women. Both tournaments were played in Tallinn, Estonia.

WDF Tables and WDF Facebook updated with these results 24/04/2019.

Estonian Open & Masters results with pictures and press release see Erkki Klaas / KLAAS Photography / Estonian Darts Organisation Eesti Dartsi Liit

Posted by World Darts Federation on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Estonian Open 20/04/2019 MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country John Scott United Kingdom 1 Kaisu Rekinen Finland Tobias Lundblad Sweden 2 Marika Juhola Finland Brian Lokken Denmark 3 Kirsi Viinikainen Finland Tim Van De Poel Netherlands 3 Helene Sundelin Sweden Sam Head England 5 Sari Nikula Finland Edwin Torbjornsson Sweden 5 Lottanoora Heinaharju Finland Erik Van Manen Netherlands 5 Katariina Spora Finland Valters Melderis Latvia 5 Andreea Brad Romania Torbjorn Gustafsson Finland 9 Camilla Holmsten Finland Jukka Laine Finland 9 Irena Bauze Latvia Veijo Viinikka Finland 9 Marija Ruzane Latvia Flemming Obel Denmark 9 Anna-Maija Rasanen Finland Laimonis Naglis Latvia 9 Sarmite Lavrentjeva Latvia Raido Kruusvee Estonia 9 Anne Lahdensuo Finland Erol Tali Estonia 9 Anu Ampiala Finland Aleksandr Stepanov Russia 9 Elina Alponen Finland Estonian Masters 20/04/2019 MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country John Scott England 1 Helene Sundelin Sweden Paavo Myller Finland 2 Kirsi Viinikainen Finland Sam Head England 3 Kaisu Rekinen Finland Craig Venman England 3 Andreea Brad Romania Jukka Laine Finland 5 Sari Nikula Finland Tobias Lundblad Sweden 5 Anna Vilen Finland Ville Petäjämäki Finland 5 Lottanoora Heinaharju Finland Nauris Gleglu Latvia 5 Marija Ruzane Latvia Urmas Neeme Estonia 9 Lenne Jaokbson Estonia Aivars Sutka Latvia 9 Ieva Brikmane-Buklovska Latvia Raino Hasu Finland 9 Elina Alponen Finland Miko Este Finland 9 Sandra Rimkeviciute Lithuania Bendt Obling Nielsen Denmark 9 Kristine Mickus Latvia Erol Tali Estonia 9 Zeltite Strade Latvia Pär Riihonen Sweden 9 Marianne Kind Estonia Jyri Ussa Finland 9 Algina Juknaite Lithuania