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Darts Tournament Results – Finder Darts Masters 2017

Finder Darts Masters was played 08-10/12/2017 in Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands. Invited players 24 men, 6 women and 6 youth.

Danny Noppert, Aileen de Graaf and Jarred Cole the new Finder Darts Masters 2017 champions


WDF Tables updated with these results 10/12/2017. 

Sunday 10/12 Press Release: Danny Noppert, Aileen de Graaf and Jarred Cole the new Finder Darts Masters 2017 champions Champions
Youth Jarred Cole England,
Women Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
Men Danny Noppert Netherlands
© Finder Darts Masters 2017

Two Dutch players and one English player are the new Finder Darts Masters 2017 champions. Danny Noppert won the men’s tournament and after 13 years a new Dutchman entered the list of honour of this tournament. Aileen de Graaf won her second title the first she won in 2013.

Englishman Jarred Cole won the final of the youth tournament and became the second foreign player to win the Finder Darts Masters Youth tournament. The youth tournament became part of this tournament in 2011 and since than it had 5 Dutch winners and 1 Englishman until this final.

The men’s final between Danny Noppert the number 5 seed and Welshman Jim Williams for 6 sets was in balance. Noppert started the final match over best or 9 sets of best or 5 legs, and took the first set. Set two Williams won 3-0 and up to 3-3 in sets the players won a set first Noppert than Williams.

But after set 6 Danny had the better scores and for Jim Williams is just went the other way. Set 7 was an exciting set because after a 2-0 lead for Noppert, Williams equalized (2-2) and in the fifth and finale leg of this set Noppert had a narrow escape and wins the set he started 4-3.

Noppert feels that now is the time to put Williams in the corner and breaks William immediately in the first leg of set 8. After a missed opportunity to check out 126 for the second leg Danny gets another 3 darts to finish 40 and now is one leg away from the title. Jim Williams then finds the strength to take leg 3 but in leg 4 Noppert throws 72 with 2 darts for the set and the match. Averages Noppert: 95.03 – Williams; 86.97

For the men’s finals, the women’s final was played between the number one seed Deta Hedman and Aileen de Graaf, the number 2 seed. For Deta it was already 6 years ago that she won the title on this stage. Her opponent, Aileen de Graaf, won the women’s final in 2013.

Deta who starts the first set of the final is broken twice in the first set and loses this set with 0 – 3. And in the second set it does not get much better for Deta. She does not find the doubles and so also the second set was won 3-0 by Aileen. Averages Hedman: 66.31 – de Graaf; 75.78

Nathan Girvan, after his good performance yesterday, did not expect he should play such a nervous finale against Jarred Cole. But Cole was on fire and won the first set with 3-0. The tension seemed too big for the Scottish youth player, but then in the second set it looks if he could handle it in and took the first leg with a 74 finish.

It even went into leg 3 after a 1-1 tie 1-2 for Girvan. A 17 darter from Cole put everything in balance again and with a break in leg 5 of set two it became 3-2 for Cole and was he crowned the new Finder Darts Masters Youth champion. Averages Cole: 86.16 – Girvan: 77.50

Results of The Finals Day Quarter-finals Men NR  Player Player  score 37 Darius Labanauskas – Lit Scott Mitchell – Eng 0 3 38 Danny Noppert (5) – Neth Willem Mandigers (4) – Neth 3 1 39 Wesley Harms (3) – Neth Jamie Hughes (6) – Eng 0 3 40 Scott Waites – Eng Jim Williams – Wal 2 3 Youth Final NR  Player Player  score 41 Jarred Cole – Eng Nathan Girvan – Sco 2 0 Semifinals Men NR  Player Player  score 42 Scott Mitchell – Eng Danny Noppert (5) – Neth 2 3 43 Jamie Hughes (6) – Eng Jim Williams – Wal 1 3 Ladies Final NR  Player Player  score 44 Deta Hedman (1) – Eng Aileen de Graaf (2) – Neth 0 2 Men’s Final NR  Player Player  score 45 Danny Noppert (5) – Neth Jim Williams – Wal 5 3


MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Danny Noppert Netherlands 1 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands Jim Williams Wales 2 Deta Hedman England Scott Mitchell England 3 Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia Jamie Hughes England 3 Sharon Prins Netherlands Willem Mandigers Netherlands 5 Scott Waites England 5 Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 5 Wesley Harms Netherlands 5 Saturday 09/12 Press Release

For tomorrow the names of the players in the quarter finals men and the youth and women’s finals are known. After some thrilling matches and surprising results and calculation of the tournament officials 12 players start on Sunday to obtain the title.

Aileen de Graaf © Finder Darts Masters 2017

In the last games of the group stage on Saturday night, these decisions were made. In group G with Martin Adams, Scott Waites and Kyle McKinstry we had a special situation. All three players had the same result so based on the tournament darts average Scott Waites became the winner of this group and so entered the quarterfinals.

In group D, the same could happen as in group G, but Willem Mandigers, the seeded player in the group managed to prevent this by winning 5-3 in a nervous final phase of his match against debutant Michael Unterbuchner from Germany and so he entered the quarter finals.

In group A, Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas defeat Mark McGeeney, the number one seed of the tournament, 5-1. Both had won a match in the group and the winner of that match qualified for the quarterfinals. So that was Darius Labanauskas.

In group B of the ladies’ tournament also a sensational match for a place in the ladies’ finale.  Aileen de Graaf who was 3-0 in front against Anastasia Dobromyslova had to play a deciding 7th leg as Anastasia won 3 legs in a row for 3-3.

And in that leg both players were on a double but the match darts at last was thrown by Aileen de Graaf who now plays Deta Hedman for the ladies’ title.

Results Saturday afternoon matches nr Group  Player   Player  score 13 C Danny Noppert (5) – Neth Cameron Menzies – Sco 5 2 14 YA Wessel Nijman – Neth Jarred Cole – Eng 2 4 15 B Ross Montgomery (8) – Sco Rick Hofstra – Neth 5 3 16 LA Deta Hedman (1) – Eng Marjolein Noijens – Neth 4 1 17 F Jamie Hughes (6) – Eng Wouter Vaes – Neth 5 1 18 YB Ramon Leferink – Neth Justin van Tergouw – Neth 0 4 19 G Martin Adams (7) – Eng Scott Waites – Eng 4 5 20 E Wesley Harms (3) – Neth Dennie Olde Kalter – Neth 5 3 21 LB Aileen de Graaf (2) – Neth Lorraine Winstanley – Eng 4 2 22 D Willem Mandigers (4) – Neth Richard Veenstra – Neth 4 5 23 A Mark McGeeney (1) – Eng Andy Fordham – Eng 5 3 24 H Geert De Vos (2) – Bel Glen Durrant – Eng 2 5 Results Saturday evening  session nr Group  Player   Player  score 25 C Danny Noppert (5) – Neth – Conan Whitehead – Eng 5 1 26 YA Wessel Nijman – Neth – Keane Barry – Rep Irl 4 3 27 B Ross Montgomery (8) – Sco – Scott Mitchell – Eng 3 5 28 LA Deta Hedman (1) – Eng – Sharon Prins – Neth 4 0 29 F Jamie Hughes (6) – Eng – Dean Reynolds – Wal 5 1 30 YB Ramon Leferink – Neth – Nathan Girvan – Sco 2 4 31 G Martin Adams (7) – Eng – Kyle McKinstry – N-Irl 5 4 32 E Wesley Harms (3) – Neth – Andy Baetens – Bel 5 3 33 LB Aileen de Graaf (2) – Neth – Ana Dobromyslova – Rus 4 3 34 D Willem Mandigers (4) – Neth – Michael Unterbuchner – Ger 5 3 35 A Mark McGeeney (1) – Eng – Darius Labanauskas – Lit 1 5 36 H Geert De Vos (2) – Bel – Jim Williams – Wal 1 5


Friday 08/12 Press Release The picture of Conan Whitehead the winner of the first match © Finder Darts Masters 2017

Tonight, Friday the 8th of December 2017 started with the first 12 games of the group stages. The tournament consists of three separate tournaments, the men’s tournament, the women’s tournament and a youth tournament.

In the men’s event 24 players participated in the women’s and youth tournament per tournament 6 players participate. The 24 men were divided into eight groups of three players and in each group, there is seeded players based on the on the Finder Darts Masters rankings.

Two groups for the women’s tournament and in these two group is a seeded player. No seeding in the Youth event the six boys even as the other non-seeded players enter a group by draw.

On the first evening, all the non-seeded players play the first match and the player loses this match will return on Saturday afternoon in the second session to play the seeded player of the group.

Here are the results of the Friday night games played plus the set up for the afternoon and evening sessions

Friday session Group  Player Player  score C Conan Whitehead – Eng Cameron Menzies – Sco 5 3 YA Jarred Cole – Eng Keane Barry – Rep Irl 3 4 B Rick Hofstra – Neth Scott Mitchell – Eng 2 5 LA Sharon Prins – Neth Marjolein Noijens – Neth 4 1 F Dean Reynolds – Wal Wouter Vaes – Neth 5 2 YB Justin van Tergouw – Neth Nathan Girvan – Sco 2 4 A Andy Fordham – Eng Darius Labanauskas – Lit 2 5 E Andy Baetens – Bel Dennie Olde Kalter – Neth 5 1 LB Ana Dobromyslova – Rus Lorraine Winstanley – Eng 4 1 D Richard Veenstra – Neth Michael Unterbuchner – Ger 4 5 G Scott Waites – Eng Kyle McKinstry – N-Irl 4 5 H Jim Williams – Wal Glen Durrant – Eng 5 3