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Darts Tournament Results – Iceland Open 2019

Winmau Iceland Open was played 20/04/2019 in Reykjavik, Iceland with 48 men and 6 women*.

WDF Tables updated with these results 19/06/2019, received 19/06. * Less than minimum entries for WDF points.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Dennis Watt Scotland 1 Petrea Fridriksdottir Iceland Alex Mani Petursson Iceland 2 Ingibjorg Magnudsdottir Iceland Hallgrimur Egilsson Iceland 3 Arna Rut Gunnlaugsdottir Iceland Joseph Doroon Iceland 3 Dilja Tara Helgadottir Iceland Sveinn Skorri Hoskuldsson Iceland 5 Elinborg Steinunnardottir Iceland Atli Bjarnason Iceland 5 Bergny Baldursdottir Iceland Vitor Charrua Iceland 5 Gardar Magnusson Iceland 5 Leonard Clouston Scotland 9 Petur Rudrik Gudmundsson Iceland 9 Kenny Gunn Scotland 9 Bjarni Sigurdsson Iceland 9 Bjorn Steinar Brynjolfsson Iceland 9 Karl Helgi Jonsson Iceland 9 Kristjan Thorsteinsson Iceland 9 Rudolf Einarsson Iceland 9