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Darts Tournament Results – International Youth Challenge – Budapest 2019, Hungary

International Youth Challenge – Budapest was played 27/07/2019 in Budapest, Hungary with 32 boys and 6 girls.

WDF Tables and WDF Facebook updated with these results 03/08/2019.

During the two days of the International Youth Challenge there were the following tournaments :

  • Individual (boys and girls) for WDF ranking points
  • International Pairs
  • International Team

Detailed results can be found by clicking at the following link (round robin and final results):

Photos from the fist day:

Photos from the second day:

BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country Peter Gevai Hungary 1 Tamara Kovacs Hungary Barnabas Nagy Hungary 2 Elizabeth Karlsson Sweden Daniel Nagy Hungary 3 Jessica Wendl Austria Rajmund Papp Hungary 3 Julia Hemming Sweden