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Darts Tournament Results – KW Tri City Open 2019, Canada

KW Tri City Open was played 25 – 27/01/2019 in Waterloo, Canada with 181 men and 69 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 03/02/2019.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Bill Crawford Canada 1 Cindy Pardy Canada Darrin Allen Canada 2 Kim Whaley-Hilts Canada Marlo Yansen Canada 3 Bailey Watson Canada Shawn Brenneman Canada 3 Mackenzie Kingsmill Canada Ron Miller Canada 5 Maggie Bolt Canada Matt Parsons Canada 5 Lori Kelley Canada Chris Lavoie Canada 5 Darlene Van Sleeuwen Canada Chris Scutt Canada 5 Normajenne Hartrick Canada Ed Roberts Canada 9 Ardy Albert Canada Andy Rust Canada 9 CJ Slater Canada Matt D’Angelo Canada 9 Dawn Beacroft Canada Jim Anderson Canada 9 Ashley Shier Canada Darcy Trenholm Canada 9 Shelley McDonald Canada John Dawe Canada 9 Helen MacCuish Canada Jayson Barlow Canada 9 Sara Denault Canada Jim Long Canada 9 Maria Mason Canada