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Darts tournament results – Mongolia Open 2017

The Second Winmau Mongolia Open darts tournament 22/07/2017 – results and press release

The 2nd Winmau Mongolia Open 2017 in Association with Winmau was conducted during 22-23 July, 2017 at The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. About 200 players participated in two days of the tournament.

Total of 27 threesome teams and 38 doubles were played in the team and doubles events. The first 3 places of the threesome team event were teams – Champion “Purevsuren. O’s team”, Runner-up “Baatar. Ts’s team”, Joint 3rd “Gan-Erdene. Sh’s team and “Purevsuren. B’s team ”. And the first 3 places of the doubles event were pairs of Erdene. M/Gankhuyag. B (MGL), Odkhuu. Kh/Altantulkhuur. M (MGL), Ganbaatar. Ch/ Lkhagvadorj. V(MGL) and Bolor-Erdene. B/ Ankhbayar. B(MGL).

The main WDF ranking Winmau Mongolia Open single events were played of 60 men, 27 women and 16 children competed for the titles. The Men Singles event was won by Ganzorig Sharavsambuu (MGL). Meanwhile the Women Singles event was won by Erdenechimeg Dondov (MGL). And the Cosmo Darts Youth event was won by Purevsuren. B (MGL).

The 2nd Winmau Mongolia Open 2017 was organized successfully by the Mongolian Classic Darts Federation, an official member of WDF. We would like to thank all sponsors and everyone who helped in making this tournament successful.

Congratulations to all winners and great appreciation to all participants. We hope to see you again next year.

More information about The 2nd Winmau Mongolia Open 2017 in Association with Winmau and the Mongolian Classic Darts Federation is available via the following links:

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Posted by World Darts Federation on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mongolia Open WDF ranked darts tournament was played 22/07/2017 in Ulanbataar, Mongolia with 60 men, 27 women and 16 open youth. WDF Tables updated with these results 02/08/2017.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Ganzorig Sharavsambuu Mongolia 1 Erdenechimeg Dondov Mongolia Erdene Mandakh Mongolia 2 Bairma Mitupova Russia Baatarkhuyag Tsend Mongolia 3 Erdenetuya Sharavsambuu Mongolia Bolor-Erdene.B Mongolia 3 Shinetsetseg Lkhagvasuren Mongolia Odkhuu Khundaganai Mongolia 5 Suren Ganbat Mongolia Battulga Dorjpurev Mongolia 5 Maitsetseg Dashdorj Mongolia Purevsuren.O Mongolia 5 Baatar Tsend Mongolia Purevsuren.B Mongolia 5 Ongonsar Purev Mongolia Sainbayar Khayankhyarvaa Mongolia 9 Ganchimeg Jambaldorj Mongolia Tsog-Erdene Mijirchoiyen Mongolia 9 Amgalanzaya Galsandorj Mongolia Gan-Erdene Sharavsambuu Mongolia 9 Oyuntsetseg. Ch Mongolia Oleg Shaydulin Russia 9 Bat-Erdene.B Mongolia Vasilii Chuprov Russia 9 Odonchimeg Namsraijav Mongolia Andrey Shilnikov Russia 9 Amar.L Mongolia Nikolyi Golub Russia 9 Khorolsuren.Ts Mongolia Vladimir Kurakin Russia 9 Daritsetseg.B Mongolia


Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country 1 Purevsuren.B Mongolia 2 Khuslen Otgonbayar Mongolia 3 Munkhjin Erdene Mongolia 3 Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan Mongolia