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Darts Tournament Results – North QLD Classic 2017, Australia

27 September 2017

North QLD Classic was played 24/09/2017 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia with 39 men and 23 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 27/09/2017.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Andrew Townes Australia 1 Maureen Homer Australia Jeremy Fagg Australia 2 Venus Johnson Australia Andrew Nolen Australia 3 Lorraine Burn Australia Danny Graham Australia 3 Leonie Ward Australia Gordon Mathers Australia 5 Cynthia McLennan Australia Owen McArthur Australia 5 Jan Methven Australia Ian McLennan Australia 5 Pam Burr Australia Russell Homer Australia 5 Nancy Myers Australia Craig Miller Australia 9 Chrissy Sheerin Australia Jock Methven Australia 9 Anita Tapau Australia Jamie Rundle Australia 9 Leah Ashe Australia Wiggy Solomon Australia 9 Alfreida Roberts Australia Alex David Australia 9 Sharon Goltz Australia Matthew McLennan Australia 9 Vanessa Ross Australia James McDonald Australia 9 Sharon Casey Australia Michael McCreddie Australia 9 Cecily Day Australia