Darts Tournament Results – Romanian Darts Festival 2019

The 4th edition of Romanian Darts Festival, powered by Romanian Darts Federation is finished, after three days full of darts.

We hope to meet, in the next year, with the same nice people and the big passion for darts!

At the start of the two ranked opens, we welcomed in total 425 darts players (360 men and 65 ladies).
The best results for our competition are:

  • RCDO ladies: Karolina Podgorska (1st), Margaret Sutton (2nd), Deta Hedman and Aileen De Graaf (3rd);
  • RCDO men: John Michael (1st), Derk Telnekes (2nd), Gary Robson and Jeffrey Sparidaans (3rd);
  • RIDO ladies: Aileen de Graaf (1st), Deta Hedman (2nd), Karolina Podgorska and Priscilla Steenbergen (3rd);
  • RIDO men: Dave Parletti (1st), Gary Robson (2nd), Simon Stainton and Wouter Vaes (3rd).

2019 Romanian Darts Festival view from finals

Romanian Darts Festival was played 25 – 27/01/2019 in Bucharest, Romania.
Romanian Classic Darts Open with 360 men and 65 women.
Romanian International Darts Open with 361 men and 64 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 03/02/2019.

Romanian International Darts Open 27/01/2019

2019 Romanian International Darts Open winner Dave Parletti England

2019 Romanian International Darts Open winner Aileen de Graaf Netherlands

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Dave Parletti England 1 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands Gary Robson England 2 Deta Hedman England Wouter Vaes Netherlands 3 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands Simon stainton England 3 Karolina Podgorska Poland Tony Martin England 5 Kirsty Hutchinson England Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 5 Nikki Goldsmith Wales Derk Telnekes Netherlands 5 Julie Thompson England Martin Marti Santamaria Catalonia 5 Maria Poulidou Greece John Michael Greece 9 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands Aaron Turner England 9 Giota Sfakioti Greece Candido Villar Catalonia 9 Iva Ivanova Bulgaria Alexandru Stoian Romania 9 Sandra Page England Ben hazel England 9 Anastasiia Shtareva Russia John Scott England 9 Anna Hlavova Czech republic Brian Raman Belgium 9 Anouska Bierens Netherlands Dennie Olde Kalter Netherlands 9 Anna Votavova Czech republic Romanian Classic Darts Open 26/01/2019 2019 Romanian Classic Darts Open winners MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country John Michael Greece 1 Karolina Podgorska Poland Derk Telnekes Netherlands 2 Margaret Sutton England Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 3 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands Gary Robson England 3 Deta Hedman England Gino Vos Netherlands 5 Andreea Brad England John Scott England 5 Anne Willkomm Germany Brian Lokken Denmark 5 Grace Crane Northern Ireland Garry Thompson England 5 Kirsty Hutchinson England Tony O`Shea England 9 Anna Hlavova Czech republic Ad van Haaren Netherlands 9 Margareta Chatzi Greece Nick Kenny England 9 Silke Lowe Germany Kostantinos Pantelidis Greece 9 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands Jitse van der Wal Netherlands 9 Julie Thompson England Simon Stainton England 9 Amanda Sanderson Cyprus Wouter Vaes Netherlands 9 Algina Juknaite Lithuania Adam Mould England 9 Katharina Vonrufs Switzerland 2019 Romanian Darts Festival spectators