Darts Tournament Results – Snowflake Open 2020, Canada

Snowflake Open was played 25-26/01/2020 in Edmonton AB, Canada with 108 men and 77 women, 22 boys and 15 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 01-02/02/2020,

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Jim Edwards Canada 1 Crystal Chiasson Canada Kenny Macneil Canada 2 Terril Chappell Canada Robbie Mills Canada 3 Nicki Rolls Canada Logan Crooks Canada 3 Lea-Ann Walsh Canada Nelson Bacus Canada 5 Angela AuCoin Canada Josh Daynes Canada 5 Angelina Palumbi Canada Steve Russell Canada 5 Alex Foulds Canada Dawson Murschell Canada 5 Roxanne VanTassel Canada Dean Stoyles Canada 9 Wanda Hobbs Canada Shane Kovich Canada 9 Crystal Ludlow Canada Ted Evetts England 9 Wenda Carter Canada Dale Flemming Canada 9 Ann Marie Farmer Canada Steve Kristjansson Canada 9 Brenda Moreau Canada Dave Tarso Canada 9 Tiffany Bee Canada Mike Dwyer Canada 9 Cindy Der Canada Dion Pilkington Canada 9 Michelle LaBonte Canada