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Darts Tournament Results – The 4 Nations Tournament 2018, host Netherlands

The 4 Nations Tournament individual titles winners women Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands, men Martijn Kleermaker Netherlands, boys Jurjen van der Velde Nerherlands and girls Christina Schuler Germany

The third edition of the 4 Nations Tournament was played last weekend. Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands competed for the overall titles on Saturday and for the individual prizes on Sunday.

Like last year, team Belgium clinched the overall title in the men’s competition. The Dutch ladies dominated their competition. Before the last round, they were already the champions. The Dutch boys won their third successive title and also the German girls continued their winning streak. They won their third title in a row as well.

The individual tournament on Sunday became a successful tournament for the Dutch players. Three of the four titles were won by the host. Martijn Kleermaker beat Niels Vanbergen in the final to seal the men’s competition title. The Dutchman won the match in the deciding leg: 5-4. Priscilla Steenbergen faced Carine Dessein in the final of the ladies tournament. Steenbergen was never in trouble in that final and won with 4-1. Like the men’s and ladies titles, the individual boys champion is a Dutch player. Jurjen van der Velde secured the title after a win over Mika Grosse-Stoltenberg: 4-0. Christina Schuler from Germany won the Girls tournament by beating Cassandra de Keyzer: 4-1.

During the 4 Nations, the paradarts teams of Holland and Belgium faced each other in the first international paradarts match ever. Vincent D’hondt, Bernard Martens, Jurgen Vercammen and Serge van Belle from Belgium clinched the first win with a 12-8 win over Holland. The Dutch were represented by Arie van der Rassel, Kees van Wielink, Anton van Hemert and Cliff Ruiter.

The 4 Nations Tournament is a local area tournament and not included into WDF Tables.