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Darts Tournament Results – Ural Cup 2019, Russia

Ural Cup was played 08/12/2019 in Ekaterinburg, Russia with 30 boys and 36 girls

WDF Tables updated with these results 08/12/2019.

BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country Timur Tuchvatulin Russia 1 Ksenia Klochek Russia Nikita Kozlov Russia 2 Aleksandra Zemtsova Russia Alexander Ozerov Russia 3 Victoria Dyachenko Russia Egor Mitryukov Russia 3 Elena Markina Russia Sergey Zemtsov Russia 5 Milena Petrova Russia Anton Ivshin Russia 5 Polina Golotyuk Russia Pavel Semenov Russia 5 Katrin Afonina Russia Tamerlane Syubkaev Russia 5 Kseniya Luzhina Russia