Darts Tournament Results – Victorian Easter & Geelong Youth, Australia

Victorian Easter Classic Youth was played 01/04/2018 in Geelong, Australia with 16 boys and 9 girls.

Geelong Dart Club Classic Youth was played 02/04/2018 in Geelong, Australia with 14 open youth (boys and girls).

WDF Tables updated with these results 04/04/2018

Victorian Easter Classic Youth BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country Hayden Scott Australia 1 Abbey Morrison Australia Jack Killin Australia 2 Brianna Mazey Australia Luke Bottrell Australia 3 Lohanna Dodge Australia Randell Skelton Australia 3 Jessica Lee Australia Geelong Dart Club Classic Youth Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country B/G 1 Colby Dodge Australia B 2 Hayden Scott Australia B 3 Samsom Farley Australia B 3 Luke Bottrell Australia B