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Day 2 Dutch Open Darts

The 35th edition of the Dutch Open Darts at NH Conference Centre Koningshof has reached the 128 best men and the last 16 woman. On Saturday morning around 11:30 the tournament started with 2326 men and 273 women in the singles tournament.

Day 2 started early with a big surprise. Wesley Harms, semi-finalist of the Lakeside, lost in its first round against Henri van Es who also has reached the last 128. There were more players, that remarkably enough, didn’t made it to the last 128. Mario Robbe, Fabian Rose Brand and Salmon Renyaan do not have to play on Sunday. The Dutch team players Floortje van Zanten and Sharon Prins also didn’t made it to the final 16 ladies. Day 2 of the Dutch Open Darts was a nice day with exciting darts matches. Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham played, for the first time in years, for a massive group of enthusiastic supporters.

On Sunday the tournament will start at 10:00 in the morning and in the evening we will know who will be crowned as 2013 Dutch Open Darts Champions. Also tomorrow, the Dutch Open Darts Youth will be played.

The entire stage program can be followed by a livestream on the Dutch Open Darts website. Eurosport will also broadcast the finals at 22.30 pm British Eurosport 2 .

Mens last 128

Ladies last sixteen