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Development of World Rankings Criteria For 2021

2020 began with the launch of a new World Darts Federation rankings system, before mid-March saw the Covid-19 global pandemic bring the sport of darts to a halt.  Play may have stopped, but the hard work continues in collaboration with our member nations to finalise a definitive WDF rankings structure for 2021.

In what was due to be a transitional year for the WDF, only 20 of a scheduled 130+ ranking events have taken place.  Without any tournaments being played over the past six months and further postponements likely, many federations plans have naturally been deferred to next year.

In anticipation of international competition resuming and working towards the launch of the WDF World Championship and WDF World Masters, we are fully reviewing the ranking system and the calendar for 2021.

WDF World Rankings Criteria

Many of the new features within the ranking structure introduced in January 2020 will continue, including the categories of ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’, with men and women given the same grading for each event. The additional category of ‘Platinum’ also remains in place for WDF major competitions.

The Netherlands (NDB) and Scotland (SDA) gave their full support to the WDF in sanctioning premier events, with 10 other nations committed to do so prior to lockdown in 2020.

For 2021, securing a clearly defined payout structure for WDF ranking events is the priority, with particular focus on establishing synergy between men’s and women’s prize structure in the future.

Platinum and Gold

The DUTCH OPEN, widely regarded as the world’s premier open competition, receives ‘Platinum’ points for 2021 and will award over €30,000 in prize money.

We are also pleased to announce the first events granted ‘Gold’ status for 2021.


Each of our European ‘Gold’ tournaments in 2021 will have a minimum prize fund of €17,000.  Those listed also feature a ‘Silver’ event, with a minimum prize fund of €7,000.

Both men’s and women’s ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ champions qualify directly for the WDF World Championships.

WDF World Masters places are also awarded to the four players that reach the semi finals of ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ tournaments, to the two finalists of ‘Silver’ events and to the winners of ‘Bronze’ events.

Gradings of further European events will be confirmed in due course.

Discussions continue with our global regions and we look forward to announcing further ‘Gold’ ranked tournaments in North America, Asia and Australasia.

Points Structure

The WDF world rankings are traditionally issued as annual rolling tables, but we would like to emphasise once again that points obtained in 2020 will be protected and will count towards our first major events.

Each WDF ranked open event also forms part of one of our regional tables, for both men and women.  The points structure for our new ranking system remains as per our announcement in January 2020.  The full points breakdown and details of our nine WDF regions can be viewed here (LINK).

Regular updates to our calendar (LINK) will be made as WDF tournament applications for 2021 are received and approved.  Make sure that you stay up to date with all of the latest announcements, via our Facebook page (LINK) and our Twitter account (LINK).

Thank You

On behalf of the WDF Executive, our thanks go to each of the member nations for the input and support they are giving to help enhance our ranking system.

Once the details are finalised, the full WDF Rankings Criteria for 2021 will be available on our website.

The WDF and it’s member nations are unable to say with any certainty exactly when our next ranking events will be possible.  The safety of players and officials remains our primary concern during this time.

However, you have our assurance that every effort is being made to safeguard a viable global system for the sport of darts and ensuring that the WDF World Championships and WDF World Masters are launched.

Richard Ashdown
WDF Chief Development Officer

Picture of 2019 Dutch Open floor games players and boards