Eccles and Hedman win Scottish Open

Note: The mens and womens rankings are updated.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Tony Eccles England   1. Deta Hedman England 2. Robbie Green England   2. Julie Gore Wales 3. Benito Van De Pas Netherlands   3. Irina Armstrong Russia 3. Barry Copeland Northern Ireland   3. Tamara Schuur Netherlands 5. Jay Foreman England   5. Lorraine Farlam England 5. Andy Boulton England   5. Rachna David Norway 5. Steve Douglas England   5. Claire Stainsby England 5. Martin McCloskey Ireland   5. Lynn Cowan Scotland 9. Sandy Stephen Grampian   9. Tracey Gordon Scotland 9. James Wilson England   9. Emily Davidson Scotland 9. Jamie Bain Scotland   9. Angela De Ward Ireland 9. Remro Van Eijden Netherlands   9. Anne Kirk Scotland 9. Davy Richardson England   9. Frances Lawson Scotland 9. Eimardo van Engelen Netherlands   9. Jan Robbins Wales 9. Stephen Bunting England   9. Sophie Elrick Scotland 9. Martin Phillips Wales   9. Karen Lawman England Mens Singles Bracket Womens Singles Bracket Mens Pairs Bracket Womens Pairs Bracket