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Election for the vacant post as WDF Secretary General

At this upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the WDF held in Budapest, Hungary 25th September 2018, one vacant position as WDF Secretary General will be up for election.

The presently appointed WDF Secretary General, Mr Carsten Jeppesen (Denmark), has announced that he will not pursue the job at the AGM due to increased work load at his daytime job.

We hereby urge persons interested to forward applications to the WDF, accepted by their federations, seconded by a Member other than the proposer in order to stand for election at the AGM. Such an application must be at hand of the WDF no later than 27th July 2018. (WDF Rules – WDF constitution 6.04 – representative nomination)

Job description for the post as WDF Secretary General can be found in the WDF Constitution 6.03 (c):


– one who has the responsibility of reviewing and maintaining the contact details of the WDF executive and members. He/she is also responsible for all duties regarding the WDF meetings, including but not limited to invitations, agenda and minutes. His/her duties also include the review and maintenance of the rules and regulations and all other governance documents.

This is a demanding job that requires commitment from the person performing the duties.

This includes, but not limited to, being competent with computer skills, handling membership requests, fielding questions from members or even the press, updating governance documents as well as receiving all communications directed at the WDF, preparation of the annual General Meeting and Executive meetings as well as writing the minutes.

This position is the communication and administration hub for the WDF.

This job requires a very good command of the English language in all facets, as the official language of the WDF is English.

Looking at the constitution, no applications have been received by the end of the deadline 27th June 2018 (6.04 (c)), and so a new extended deadline till 27th July 2018 has been granted (6.04 (d)) accordingly.

For more information to as to election procedures, please see to WDF Constitution 6.04.

For applications or further information, feel free to contact WDF President, Mr Bill Hatter or the WDF Secretary General, Mr Carsten Jeppesen.

Kind Regards
Bill Hatter
World Darts Federation

Publication date 04/07/2018 – website, Officials Area and member bodies by email
WDF Constitution available in Rules page