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Entry for HAL Masters and HAL Open Darts 2016 started

PRESS RELEASE HAL MASTERS AND HAL OPEN DARTS 2016:  Venray the 7th of November 2015

For the two international darts tournaments, the HAL Masters and the HAL Open Darts the entry forms are online now. On Saturday, March 19th the HAL Masters is played in Evenementenhal Venray and on Sunday, March 20th the HAL Open Darts.

Both events are for the categories: men, women, boys and girls singles (participation from 8 years). The entry fee for men and women is € 20, – per day for youth and € 10, – per day.

The HAL Masters and HAL Open Darts are as well as BDO and Finder Darts Masters ranked and thereby on the HAL Open Darts the men, women and boys champions receive an invitation to play the Finder Darts Masters 2016

Anyone who is allowed to play the Winmau World Masters, Lakeside and Finder Darts Masters tmay participate in this event. This means anyone who is not a member of PDC and PDPA can not register.

You only can enter both events by pre-registration through the website of the tournament, . The registration runs until March 12, 2016.