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Finder Darts Masters 2016- live stream available and news day 1

Picture of Finder Darts Masters stage © Finder Darts Masters 2016

Available via NH Sports website – broadcasting Sat 12:30 Sat 19:30 Sun 12:00  (CET +1 hour) also available via Winmau TV


PRESS RELEASE 09/11/2016

Tonight, Friday the 9th of December 2016 Finder Darts 2016 started with the first 12 games of the group stage. The tournament consists of three separate tournaments, the men’s tournament, the women’s tournament and a youth tournament.

In the men’s event 24 players participated in the women’s and youth tournament per tournament 6 players participate. The 24 men were divided into eight groups of three players and in each group, there is seeded players based on the on the Finder Darts Masters rankings.

Two groups for the women’s tournament and in these two group is a seeded player. No seeding in the Youth event the six boys even as the other non-seeded players enter a group by draw.

On the first evening, all the non-seeded players play the first match and the player loses this match will return on Saturday afternoon in the second session to play the seeded player of the group.

There is an extra prize for the first 9 darts finish thrown, a BMW i3 worth € 44.000 sponsored by Renses Alkmaar.

Here are the results of the Friday night games played plus the set up for the afternoon and evening sessions

Friday the 9th of December  2016 nr Group  Player Player  score 1 G Jamie Hughes ( Eng) Martijn Kleermaker (Neth) 5 3 2 YB Maikel Verberk (Neth) Marvin van Velzen (Neth) 4 3 3 B Jeffrey Sparidaans (Neth) Jimmy Hendriks (Neth) 5 4 4 LB Sharon Prins (Neth) Anast. Dobromyslova (Rus) 0 4 5 A Scott Waites (Eng) Andy Baetens (Bel) 3 5 6 YA Wessel Nijman (Neth) Jordan Thomas (Wal) 4 0 7 C Wouter Vaes (Neth) Conan Whitehead (Eng) 1 5 8 H Martin Phillips (Wal) Brian Dawson (Eng) 5 3 9 LA Fallon Sherrock (Eng) Lisa Ashton (Eng) 2 4 10 F Jim Williams (Wal) Richard Veenstra (Neth) 5 3 11 E Martin Atkins (Eng) Ross Montgomery (Sco) 3 5 12 D Madars Razma (Lat) Tony O’Shea (Eng) 5 1 Saturday afternoon the 10th of December 2016 nr Group  Player Player  score 13 G Darius Labanauskas (7) (Lith) Martijn Kleermaker (Neth) 14 YB Owen Maiden Marvin van Velzen (Neth) 15 B Dean Reynolds (8) (Wal) Jimmy Hendriks (Neth) 16 LB Deta Hedman (2) (Eng) Sharon Prins (Neth) 17 A Scott Mitchell (1) (Eng) Scott Waites (Eng) 18 YA Justin van Tergouw (Neth) Jordan Thomas (Wal) 19 C Martin Adams (5) (Eng) Wouter Vaes (Neth) 20 H Danny Noppert (2) (Neth) Brian Dawson (Eng) 21 LA Ailleen de Graaf (1) (Neth) Fallon Sherrock (Eng) 22 F Geert De Vos (6) (Bel) Richard Veenstra (Neth) 23 E Wesley Harms (3) (Neth) Martin Atkins (Eng) 24 D Glen Durrant (4) (Eng) Tony O’Shea (Eng) Saturday evening the  10 of december 2016 nr Group  Player Player  score 25 G Darius Labanauskas (7) (Lith) Jamie Hughes ( Eng) 26 YB Owen Maiden Maikel Verberk (Neth) 27 B Dean Reynolds (8) (Wal) Jeffrey Sparidaans (Neth) 28 LB Deta Hedman (2) (Eng) Anast. Dobromyslova (Rus) 29 A Scott Mitchell (1) (Eng) Andy Baetens (Bel) 30 YA Justin van Tergouw (Neth) Wessel Nijman (Neth) 31 C Martin Adams (5) (Eng) Conan Whitehead (Eng) 32 H Danny Noppert (2) (Neth) Martin Phillips (Wal) 33 LA Ailleen de Graaf (1) (Neth) Lisa Ashton (Eng) 34 F Geert De Vos (6) (Bel) Jim Williams (Wal) 35 E Wesley Harms (3) (Neth) Ross Montgomery (Sco) 36 D Glen Durrant (4) (Eng) Madars Razma (Lat)

Egmond aan Zee, Friday 9th of December  2016