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Finder Darts Masters ranking 2018 completed

Finder Darts Masters ranking 2018 completed. These players receive an invitation for the event

With the results of the this weekend played  tournaments, the Belgium Open 2018 and Belgium Masters 2018, all tournaments included the Finder Darts Masters 2018 ranking are played. Based on the results of this ranking, 16 men and 2 ladies qualify directly for the Finder Darts Masters 2018  that will take place on December 7, 8 and 9 at Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee.

Of the 16 men’s qualifiers, the top 8 is seeded and will be the head of one of the eight groups. The ladies tournament has two groups and the numbers 1 and 2 on the Finder Darts Masters ladies ranking are placed as group head.

In the coming period the list of participants will be supplemented with players who receive a wildcard from the organization or qualify through the Champions League of Darts tournament held on Saturday the 1st of September 1 in Zuiderduin. The Nederlandse Darts Bond (NDB) also has a wildcard they can give to a Dutch player

The tournament that starts on Friday, December 7 with a total of 24 participants in the men’s tournament. The men’s tournament starts with 8 groups of 3 players, within each group a seeded player as group head. The 16 other players by draw are added to a group.

After the group stage, the group winners go to the quarterfinals on Sunday 9 December. From that moment on they play a direct knock-out system.

The ladies tournament has six participants with the top 2 as a group head. The other 4 ladies will, just like the men, by  draw will be divided over the two groups and the winners will play the ladies finals on Sunday.

There is also a youth tournament with 6 participants. Here is  no seeding but the boys are divided  to one of the two groups by draw.The winners will play the youth finals on Sunday.

Participants Finder Darts Masters for so far;

Seeded players Men

1:            Jim Williams                      Wales

2:            Willem Mandigers          Netherlands

3:            Mark McGeeney            England

4:            Richard Veenstra             Netherlands

5:            Derk Telnekes                   Netherlands

6:            Scott Mitchell                   England

7:            Glen Durrant                    England

8:            Chris Landman                  Netherlands

Other qualifiers

9:            Gary Robson                    England

10:         Wesley Harms                   Netherlands

11:         Dean Reynolds                  Wales

12:         Michael Unterbuchner Germany

13:         Scott Waites                      England

14:         Conan Whitehead           England

15:          Wayne Warren                Wales

16:          Jeffrey van Egdom          Belgium

17:          Winner of the Champions League of Darts 2018

18:         Wildcard by organization

19:         Wildcard by organization

20:         Wildcard by organization

21:          Wildcard by organization

22:         Wildcard by organization

23:         Wildcard by organization

24:         Wildcard Dutch Darts Bond

Ladies qualifiers:

Seeded players

1:            Deta Hedman                  England

2:            Aileen de Graaf                Netherlands (*)

(*) Aileen de Graaf won the tournament in 2017 and on this ground already she was assured of participation. The open spot now will be a wildcard for the organization


Other players

3: Wildcard organization

4: Winner of the Champions League of Darts 2018

5: Wildcard organization

6: Wildcard organization


The names of the youth players who are invited for the Finder Darts Masters youth tournament will be announced in the coming months.

Egmond aan Zee, the 6th of August 2018