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Finder Darts Masters Saturday Results

PRESS RELEASE  FINDER DARTS MASTERS 2015: Egmond  aan Zee, Sunday the 6th of December  2015

Results and set up for the quarter finals, ladies and youth final

Two sessions on Saturday the 5th of December and at the end of  day we knew the names of the players for the Finder Darts Masters quarter finals en Youth and Ladies finals

Results first session Finder Darts Masters groups on Saturday afternoon 

In some groups in the evening session there was the possibility all 3 players ended equal. It did not happen but in some groups the legs difference made the decision which player did enter the quarter finals.

On the next page the results of the evening session and the schedule for the quarter finals men, starting on Sunday afternoon 12:00 hour and will be played in the order as shown in this release.

Also on the next page the Youth final and Ladies final

Saturday evening session

Quarter finals men

Youth final

Ladies final