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French Open 2016 – results

French Open was played 27/08/2016 in Bray-Dunes, France with 204 men, 45 women and 30 youth.

WDF Tables updated with these results 28/08/2016.


Winners Geert De Vos, Deta Hedman
and Dylan Van Beers Men’s Champion Geert De Vos BEL
and Runner-Up Michael Baker ENG Women’s Champion Deta Hedman ENG
and Runner-Up Fallon Sherrock ENG Youth Champion Dylan Van Beers NLD
and Runner-Up Marvin Van Velzen NLD

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MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Geert De Vos Belgium 1 Deta Hedman England Michael Baker England 2 Fallon Sherrock England Conan Whitehead England 3 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands Wouter Vaes Netherlands 3 Sharon Prins Netherlands Philip Van Gasse Belgium 5 Casey Gallagher England Carlo Van Cleef Netherlands 5 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands Thomas Junghans Switzerland 5 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands David Van Der Zande Netherlands 5 Anneke Kuijten Netherlands Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9 Margaret Sutton England Martin Phillips Wales 9 Jill Desmedt Belgium Bradley Kirk England 9 Nienke Brasser Netherlands Shaun Carroll England 9 Els Verpoorten Belgium Brian Raman Belgium 9 Vanessa Zuidema Netherlands Davy Van Baelen Belgium 9 Dorothee Lemaire France Rick Veugelers Netherlands 9 Francine Pieters Belgium Nick Kenny Wales 9 Rose Sara England


Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country 1 Dylan Van Beers Netherlands 2 Marvin Van Velzen Netherlands 3 Will Blackwell England 3 Levy  Frauenfelder Netherlands 5 Ruben Mesters Netherlands 5 Morgan Flahauw France 5 Wessel Nijman Netherlands 5 Ruud De Kock Netherlands