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Gates claims another title at WDF Missouri St. Patrick's Open

Leonard Gates continued his recent good form by claiming his second WDF ranking title of the year at the Missouri St. Patrick's Open this past weekend.

The man nickname 'Soulger' breezed through the field on the way to retaining his title in Osage Beach, averaging 92 in his first game and reaching the final without dropping a single leg.

Those performances were in sharp contrast to final opponent Kevin Luke. 'FKL' had to survive last-leg deciders in his first two games and then had to do the same again in the semi-finals against previous event winner Dustin Holt.

Luke had averaged below 70 in all of his tournament matches and that gap in quality told in the final, with Gates throwing two maximums and averaging 81.77 in a 6-2 win.

Missouri St. Patrick's Open | Men's Quarter-Finals

Leonard Gates 4-0 Brendan Dickerson

Cody Willis 4-2 Ronnie Maggard

Kevin Luke 4-2 Danny McClain

Dustin Holt 4-3 Tyler Daly


Gates 5-0 Willis

Luke 5-4 Holt


Gates 6-2 Luke

Maiden title for McKinley

With 2023 winner Paula Murphy not participating this time round, a new winner was guaranteed in the Women's Open.

Step forward Kaitlyn McKinley, who produced a string of solid wins to claim her first WDF ranking title.

McKinley was pushed to a last-leg decider in the quarter-finals by Brittany Short but won that game 4-3 and from that point didn't drop another leg, beating Tasha Nicole in the semis before seeing off Hannah Smiley 4-0 in the final.

Missouri St. Patrick's Open | Women's Quarter-Finals

Kaitlyn McKinley 4-3 Brittany Short

Tasha Nicole 4-2 Angela Tomecko

Ambir Pruett 4-0 Kelly Hammond

Hannah Smiley 4-1 Carisa Murphy


McKinley 4-0 Nicole

Smiley 4-2 Pruett


McKinley 4-0 Smiley