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Greater Vancouver Open 2016, Canada – results

Greater Vancouver Open was played in Richmond BC Canada 11-13 of March 2016 with 107 men and 40 w0men.

WDF Tables updated with these results 28/03/2016.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Pos WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Shawn Burt Canada 1 Kim Bellay-Rouselle Canada Dion Laviolette Canada 2 Carole Heriott USA Kent Peterson Canada 3 Ivy Wieshlow Canada David Cameron Canada 3 April Galick Canada Bryce Book Canada 5 Sally Fong Hoon Canada Sean Smyth Canada 5 Crystal Chiasson Canada Jared Monds Canada 5 Colleen Roberts Canada Tim Prokop Canada 5 Suzie Letrud Canada Jeff Liyo Canada 9 Roxanne Van Tassel Canada Daryll Walsh Canada 9 Donna Bisaro Canada Luben Izov Canada 9 Kari Roberts Canada Norm Tremblay Canada 9 Maggie Holyk Canada Scott lee Canada 9 Marietta Botwright Canada Bob Cool Canada 9 Brandi Thomas Canada Carl Jesson Canada 9 Jennifer Mounts USA Dawson Murschell Canada 9 Kathy Pasjack Canada