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Halifax Open 2016, Canada – results

Halifax Open was played March, 4-6 2016 with 87 men and 33 women.


WDF Tables updated with these results 10/03/2016.

Men’s Singles Country Position Women’s Singles Country Jeff Smith Canada 1 Patricia Farrell Canada Dave Cameron Canada 2 Karrah Boutilier Canada Kiley Edmunds Canada 3 Tonya McGill Canada Coady Burke Canada 3 Tracy Powers Canada Terry Fougere Canada 5 Jessica Mombourquette Canada Adam Stella Canada 5 Taylor Probert Canada Jeff Boutilier Canada 5 Joanne Luke Canada Jerry Myles Canada 5 Crystal Chiasson Canada Wade Nickerson Canada 9 Samantha Gibbons Canada Willie MacIsaac Canada 9 Kathy Bourgeois Canada Dwayne Laviolette Canada 9 Crystal Fougere Canada Kerry Way Canada 9 Teresa Mombourquette Canada Carter Mill Canada 9 Shelby Brushett Canada Brian Cyr Canada 9 Marianne Burbine Canada Chris Wallace Canada 9 Carmel Pasher Canada Derek Hanley Canada 9 Tammy Perry Canada