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Invitation List – 2022 Lakeside WDF World Championships

30 November 2021

Following the completion of the final WDF ranking events in Italy and Russia, the World Darts Federation have formally sent invitations to 44 men and 22 women to compete at the 2022 Lakeside World Championships.

The winners of 9 platinum/gold events and the top ranked players in each of the 8 WDF regional tables are guaranteed a place upon the Lakeside stage, with the line ups completed by those placed highest in the main WDF world ranking lists.


The top 8 women in the world rankings that accept their invitations will be seeded into the second round. The provisional list of seeds and invited players is as follows.

  1. Deta Hedman ENG (England Open 2021)
  2. Anastasia Dobromyslova RDF (Irish Open 2021)
  3. Fallon Sherrock ENG (UK/Ireland regional table & British Open 2021)
  4. Anca Zijlstra NED (Denmark Open 2021)
  5. Aileen de Graaf NED (West Europe regional table & Dutch Open 2020)
  6. Beau Greaves ENG (Scottish Open 2020)
  7. Kirsty Hutchinson ENG (Welsh Open 2021)
  8. Maria O’Brien ENG

  9. Lorraine Winstanley ENG
  10. Corrine Hammond AUS
  11. Suzanne Smith ENG
  12. Lorraine Hyde SCO
  13. Laura Turner ENG
  14. Paula Jacklin ENG
  15. Paula Murphy USA (USA regional table & Seacoast Open 2021)
  16. Amanda Harwood ENG


  • Elena Shulgina RDF (North Europe regional table)
  • Veronika Ihasz HUN (East Europe regional table)
  • Tori Kewish AUS (Australia regional table)
  • Desi Mercer NZL* (New Zealand regional table)
  • Darlene van Sleeuwen CAN (Canada regional table)
  • Mikuru Suzuki JPN (World Champion 2020)

*New Zealand regional ranking No.1 Wendy Harper has declined her invitation.


The top 16 men in the world rankings that accept their invitations will be seeded into the second round. The provisional list of seeds and invited players is as follows.

  1. Brian Raman BEL (England Open 2021)
  2. Thibault Tricole FRA (Denmark Open 2021)
  3. Wayne Warren WAL (World Champion 2020)
  4. Ross Montgomery SCO (Dutch Open 2020)
  5. Neil Duff NIR (UK/Ireland regional table)
  6. James Hurrell ENG
  7. Andy Baetens BEL
  8. Luke Littler ENG (Irish Open 2021)
  9. Richard Veenstra NED (West Europe regional table)
  10. Scott Marsh ENG (British Open 2021)
  11. Jules van Dongen USA (USA regional table & Seacoast Open 2021)
  12. Nick Fullwell ENG
  13. Michael Warburton WAL
  14. Cameron Menzies SCO (Welsh Open 2021)
  15. Aleksey Kadochnikov RDF
  16. Antony Allen ENG

  17. Aaron Turner ENG
  18. Leonard Gates USA (USA regional table)
  19. James Richardson ENG
  20. Dave Parletti ENG
  21. Connor Scutt ENG
  22. Mark Barilli SCO
  23. John Desreumaux BEL (West Europe regional table)
  24. Mark Graham WAL
  25. Ben Hazel ENG
  26. Francesco Raschini ITA
  27. Martin Adams ENG
  28. Paul Hogan ENG
  29. Lee Shewan ENG
  30. Steve Hine ENG
  31. Ian Jones ENG
  32. Andreas Harrysson SWE (North Europe regional table)
  33. Jim McEwan SCO
  34. Dave Prins ENG


  • Haupai Puha NZL (New Zealand regional table)
  • Roman Obukhov RDF (North Europe regional table)
  • Sebastian Steyer POL (East Europe regional table)
  • Laszlo Kadar ROM (East Europe regional table)
  • David Cameron CAN (Canada regional table)
  • Jeremy Fagg AUS (Australia regional table)
  • Shawn Burt CAN (Canada regional table)
  • Rory Hansen CAN (Canada regional table)
  • Landon Gardiner NZL* (New Zealand regional table)
  • Justin Thompson AUS** (Australia regional table)

*New Zealand regional ranking No.1 Warren Parry has declined his invitation.

**Australia regional ranking No.2 Donovan Lottering has declined his invitation.


The 48-man and 24-woman fields will be finalised at the WDF World Championship qualifying competitions on Sunday 5th December. 2 men and 1 woman will qualify from EACH of the TWO play-off competitions, being held in Frimley Green, England and in Assen, the Netherlands.

In addition, the WDF World Youth Championships with separate competitions for boys and girls will also take place, with 2 boys and 1 girl going through from both Assen and Frimley Green to compete upon the Lakeside stage in January.

Entries to the men’s, women’s, boys and girls qualifying competitions can still be made via the following links.



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