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James Wilson, Aileen de Graaf and Colin Roelofs the new Zuiderduin Masters Champions

The Zuiderduin Masters 2013 mens title this year is for James Wilson from England. A name to remember as not only in the past months the 41 year old dartsplayer from Huddersfield was in many tournament finals also today in the Zuiderduin Masters final against world number one Stephen Bunting ‘the Jammie Dodger’ played very impressive.

Stephen ‘Bullet’ Bunting had no answer on the the force of Wilson who had a 121, 122, 123 and 124 finish in the match

In a best of 9 sets Wilson won 5-1  and only in the second set  he lost one point to the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 Champion, Stephen Bunting. Lots of emotion showed Wilson during the presentations. A few weeks ago he just missed his first major title as runner up of Winmau World Masters today in Egmond aan Zee he claimed his first major title.

Robbie Green won the cheque for the highest check out, 160.

After 3 years at last the Zuiderduin Masters ladies title for Aileen de Graaf. Aileen made her debut in 2011 and lost that year the final against Deta Hedman. In 2012 she lost from Anastasia Dobromyslova who reached the ladies final this year as well.

But today it ended the other way and won Aileen the Zuiderduin Masters ladies champion title without losing a set. In the first set Aileen won her first setpoint in the fifth an deciding leg and due to lots of missed doubles Anastasia lost the second set 3-1

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth title was claimed by Colin Roelofs who won in two sets of Berry van Peer also from the Netherlands. Berry was very close to a setpoint in the first set but unfortunately lost in the 5th and deciding leg of this set.

In the second set no succes for Berry and Colin won the set 3-0 and with that result his first major title.

The results of the final matches

Quarter finals men
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)         –     Benito v. d. Pas (8) (NED)        3 – 0
Set results::  3-0  ;  3-1  ;  3-0

Michel van der Horst (NED)        –     Wesley Harms (4) (NED)            0 – 3
Set results:1-3  ; 0-3  ; 1-3

Ross Montgomery (SCO)             –     Gary Robson (ENG)                 3 – 2
Set results:  3-2  ; 1-3  ; 3-2  ; 2-3  ;  3-2

Tony O’Shea (7) (ENG)             –     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 3
Set results:3-2  ; 1-3  ; 0-3  ; 2-3

Semi finals:
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)               Wesley Harms (4) (NED)
Ross Montgomery (SCO)                   James Wilson (ENG)

Youth final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Colin Roelofs  (NED)              –     Berry van Peer (NED)              2-0
Set results: 3-2 ; 3-0

Ladies final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Aileen de Graaf (1) (NED)         –     Ana Dobromyslova (RUS)            2-0
Set results:  3-2  ; 3-1

Mens final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1)(ENG)          –     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 5
Set results: Bunting – Wilson  0-3  ; 3-2  ; 0-3  ;  1-3  ; 1-3  ; 1-3