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Klondike Open 2016, Canada – results

Klondike Open was played 07-09/10/2016 in Edmonton, Canada with 117 men and 41 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 18/10/2016.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country David Cameron Canada 1 Trish Grzesik Canada Jeff Smith Canada 2 Kim Bellay-Rouselle Canada Travis Barker Canada 3 Ivy Wieshlow Canada Gilbert Jaleco Canada 3 Cindy Der Canada Mike Meggitt Canada 5 Kim Whaley-Hilts Canada Woody Cooper Canada 5 Crystal Chiasson Canada Steve Russel Canada 5 Cathy Kerrigan Canada Trevor Hobbs Canada 5 Roxanne van Tassel Canada Jayson Barlow Canada 9 Nicki Rolls Canada Edward Ka-Pawan Canada 9 Becky Arndt Canada Shawn Burt Canada 9 Dawn Marchand Canada Dennis Latimer Canada 9 Darlene Howarth Canada Saul Arndt Canada 9 Charlotte Barker Canada Mike Dwyer Canada 9 Terril Chappell Canada Harry Vincent Canada 9 Angelina Palumbi Canada Darryl Christie Canada 9 Christina Draper Canada