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Lakeside 2022 - Playing Schedule Confirmed

The full playing schedule has been confirmed for the 2022 Lakeside WDF World Championships. Broadcast live across the Eurosport and Discovery+ network from Saturday 1st to Sunday 9th January, 78 players will grace the iconic Lakeside stage in the hope of becoming a WDF World Champion.

New Years Day sees the party begin in Frimley Green, with Lakeside legend Martin 'Wolfie' Adams opening proceedings in what will be his 27th World Championship appearance since his debut in 1994.

2011 Martin Adams

Martin faces 21 year old debutant Jarred Cole in what is sure to be one of outstanding ties in the opening round, whilst reigning 2-time women's world champion Mikuru Suzuki will complete the women's first round on Sunday evening, against local favourite Laura Turner.

With an extended field of 48 men and 24 women, the first round for both men and women will be contested over the best-of-3-sets, with 12 matches played per day across the opening weekend.  The Lakeside is all set for quick fire darting entertainment and of course, plenty of walk ons for the players and crowds alike to enjoy.

The men's championship moves up to the traditional best of 5 set format for the Last 32, with Bank Holiday Monday providing plenty more drama as the seeded players begin their campaigns.  

Lakeside regulars Ross Montgomery and Richard Veenstra will be in action, as well as the WDF’s No.1 ranked player, Belgium’s, Brian Raman. Former Lakeside Champion Anastasia Dobromyslova also features on day three in the women's competition as she begins her bid for world title number four.

2013 Anastasia Dobromyslova

The second round continues through the week, with 2020 World Champion Wayne Warren introduced to the Lakeside stage on Tuesday evening. World No.1 Deta Hedman gets her campaign underway on Wednesday afternoon, with Thursday seeing an exciting conclusion to the women's second round and the men's third round.

Friday 7th January is Quarter Finals day with all 16 players remaining across the men's and women's competitions taking to the oche.  

Played across two sessions, Semi Finals Saturday will see the boys join the men and women's line up for the first time, with 2019 world youth champion Leighton Bennett seeking to secure a second success at the Lakeside.

For the first time, Sunday 9th January will see FOUR World Championship finals played. The youth players will be showcased at the Lakeside with separate Girls and Boys WDF titles to be won. An extended women's final over the best of 7 sets will see the champion receive a record £25,000 in prize money, and that’s followed by the men's 11 set finale with the finalists playing for £50,000 and the brand new Lakeside WDF World Championship trophy.

A nine day festival is guaranteed at "the Home of World Darts" and we want you to be part of it. Tickets are available via the following link, which includes hotel packages if required. Don’t miss out!

Please note that tickets for each of the opening three days and for both Quarter Finals Friday and Semi Finals Saturday are sold as all day tickets. One price covers both sessions with no requirement to leave the venue during the interval.


SATURDAY 1ST (all day ticket)

R1 - Martin Adams (Eng) v Jarred Cole (Eng)
R1 - Leonard Gates (US) v Johnny Haines (Eng)
R1 - Paula Jacklin (Eng) v Rhian O'Sullivan (Wal)
R1 - Ben Hazel (Eng) v Haupai Puha (NZ)
R1 - Andreas Harrysson (Swe) v Laszlo Kadar (Rom)
R1 - Amanda Harwood (Eng) v Marjolein Noijens (Ned)
R1 - Aaron Turner (Eng) v Jim McEwan (Sco)
R1 - Corrine Hammond (Aus) v Darlene van Sleeuwen (Can)
R1 - Mark Barilli (Sco) v Rory Hansen (Can)
R1 - Mark Graham (Wal) v Dave Prins (Eng)
R1 - Suzanne Smith (Eng) v Elena Shulgina (RDF)
R1 - Paul Hogan (Eng) v Justin Thompson (Aus)

SUNDAY 2ND (all day ticket)

R1 - Ian Jones (Eng) v David Cameron (Can)
R1 - John Desreumaux (Bel) v Mario Vandenbogaerde (Bel)
R1 - Lorraine Hyde (Sco) v Tori Kewish (Aus)
R1 - Francesco Raschini (Ita) v Ryan de Vreede (Ned)
R1 - Lee Shewan (Eng) v Jordan Brooks (Eng)
R1 - Vicky Pruim (Swe) v Desi Mercer (NZ)
R1 - Dave Parletti (Eng) v Shaun McDonald (Sco)
R1 - Paula Murphy (US) v Veronika Ihasz (Hun)
R1 - Connor Scutt (Eng) v Shawn Burt (Can)
R1 - Steve Hine (Eng) v Kevin Luke (US)
R1 - Laura Turner (Eng) v Mikuru Suzuki (Jpn)
R1 - James Richardson (Eng) v Sebastian Steyer (Pol) 

MONDAY 3RD (all day ticket)


R2 - Michael Warburton.13 (Wal) v Graham/Prins
R2 - Maria O'Brien.7 (Eng) v Harwood/Noijens
R2 - Ross Montgomery.4 (Sco) v Turner/McEwan
R2 - Luke Littler.8 (Eng) v Hazel/Puha
R2 - Antony Allen.16 (Eng) v Adams/Cole
R2 - Anastasia Dobromyslova.2 (RDF) v Jacklin/O'Sullivan
R2 - Richard Veenstra.9 (Ned) v Harrysson/Kadar
R2 - Brian Raman.1 (Bel) v Gates/Haines


R2 - Nick Fullwell.12 (Eng) v Barilli/Hansen
R2 - Anca Zijlstra.3 (Ned) v Hammond/van Sleeuwen
R2 - Neil Duff.5 (Nir) v Hogan/Thompson
R2 - Cameron Menzies.14 (Sco) v Jones/Cameron
R2 - James Hurrell.6 (Eng) v Desreumaux/Vandenbogaerde
R2 - Kirsty Hutchinson.6 (Eng) v Smith/Shulgina
R2 - Jules van Dongen.11 (Ned) v Raschini/de Vreede
R2 - Wayne Warren.3 (Wal) v Shewan/Brooks


R2 - Thibault Tricole.2 (Fra) v Scutt/Burt
R2 - Deta Hedman.1 (Eng) v Hyde/Kewish
R2 - Aleksey Kadochnikov.15 (RDF) v Hine/Luke
R2 - Andy Baetens.7 (Bel) v Parletti/McDonald
R2 - Scott Marsh.10 (Eng) v Richardson/Steyer
R2 - Lorraine Winstanley.8 (Eng) v Pruim/Mercer
R3 - 2 x Men's matches


R2 - Beau Greaves.5 (Eng) v Murphy/Ihasz
R3 - 3 x Men's matches
R2 - Aileen de Graaf.4 (Ned) v Turner/Suzuki
R3 - 3 x Men's matches

FRIDAY 7TH (all day ticket)

QF - 2 x Women's matches
QF - 2 x Men's matches
QF - 2 x Women's matches
QF - 2 x Men's matches

SATURDAY 8TH (all day ticket)

SF - Boys: Luis Liptow (Ger) v Bradly Roes (Ned)
SF - Women
SF - Men
SF - Boys: Leighton Bennett (Eng) v Charlie Large (Eng)
SF - Women
SF - Men


FINAL - Girls: Eleanor Cairns (Eng) v Wibke Riemann (Ger)
FINAL - Boys
FINAL - Women



R1 - 3 sets
R2 - 5 sets
R3 - 5 sets
QF - 7 sets
SF - 9 sets
Final - 11 sets


R1 - 3 sets
R2 - 3 sets
QF - 3 sets
SF - 5 sets
Final - 7 sets


Boys SF - 3 sets
Girls Final - 3 sets
Boys Final - 5 sets

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