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Las Vegas Open 2017, USA – results

NODOR Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open was played 20-22/01/2017 in Las Vegas, NV, USA with 240 men and 94 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 22/01/2017.

Other events results available in ADO website

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Joe Chaney USA 1 Paula Murphy USA Joe Huffman USA 2 Tricia Wright England Larry Butler USA 3 Sandy Hudson USA Tom Sawyer USA 3 Cali West USA David Walsh USA 5 Lisa Ayers USA Leonard Gates USA 5 Gretel Flores USA Gary Mawson USA 5 Carole Herriott USA Benny Dersch USA 5 Kim Whaley-Hilts Canada Elliot Milk USA 9 Julie Weger USA Robert Wagner Norway 9 Kelly Meares USA Jim Fitzsimmons USA 9 Trish Grzesik Canada Darin Young USA 9 Stacey Pace USA Jayson Barlow Canada 9 Jennifer Mounts USA Eric Gregory USA 9 Robin Curry USA J.D. Newman USA 9 Liz Munday USA Carl Beattie England 9 Shea Cole USA