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Lorna Croft Friendship Cup 2012

The Dutch Darts Association organized in the Hampshire Hotel in Holland the Lorna Croft Friendship Cup 2012. The LCFC is a friendly match between Germany and the Netherlands, where eight women per country compete against each other (singles and pairs).

As soon as the tournament started it was clear that both teams where very strong. After the Round Robin the score was exactly the same: 34-34. Germany stood up during the couples and took a lead of 8 legs. Work to be done for the Dutch ladies during the singles tournament.

The second and final day was even more exciting and two Dutch Ladies competed in the final of the singles tournament with a victory for Aileen de Graaf.  Because of the great performance of the Dutch ladies in the single tournament a tie-break team game was necessary to decide who would win the LCFC. Eventually it was the German ladies who won the Lorna Croft Friendship Cup 2012.

The Dutch Darts Association congratulates the German ladies with their victory.