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Malaysian Open Results

A total of 10 countries sent some of their best darters to converge at Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang from the 13th till 15th of September for the Malaysia Open 2013 Darts Championship.

For the first time participants from Mongolia, Pakistan, Sweden and India joined the regulars from Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Australia and Malaysia to challenge for the Team Event and the WDF ranked Men / Women Singles. Over 450 players registered making it the biggest participation ever in the Malaysia Open history in Peninsular.

Total prize money offered for the Malaysian Open 2013 was RM60,000.00 with the Team Champions hitting RM15,000.00, the Mens Singles champion grabbing RM5,000.00 and the Womens champion winning RM1,600.00.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Attapol Eupakaree THAI   1. Bernadette Philippa Walter M’SIA 2. Amin Abdul Ghani M’SIA   2. Rohana Mohd. Jali M’SIA 3. Chris Salinas P’PINES   3. Nur’Ain Muftarharuddin M’SIA 3. Yong Teck Leong M’SIA   3. Jennifer Shum M’SIA 5. Robbie Modra AUS   5. Karen Pu M’SIA 5. John Trembeth ENGLAND   5. Chong Mei Teen M’SIA 5. Kesava Rao M’SIA   5. Joyce Yap M’SIA 5. Thanawat Gaweenuentayong THAI   5. P.Wongkhundorn THAI 9. Amit Gilitwala INDIA         9. Alain Alforte P’PINES         9. Ravi Subramaniam M’SIA         9. Mohd Kamal M’SIA         9. Juanito Gionson P’PINES         9. Azmie Aziz M’SIA         9. Sham Idris M’SIA         9. Yunus Abdul Razak BRUNEI