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Malta Open 2016 – results

Malta Open was played 16-17/11/2016  in Malta with 304 men 68 women.

Read nice report from Malta Open 2016 – the Malta Darts Association Press Release

More pictures and videos in visit the Malta Darts Association Facebook and YouTube channels.

Men’s singles winner
Paul Williams, England Women’s singles winner
Christine Readhead, England

WDF Tables updated with these results 19/11/2016.
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MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Paul Williams England 1 Christine Readhead England Dave Prins England 2 Kaz Kirkby England Albert Scerri Malta 3 Kirsten Byo Denmark Carlo Van Cleef Netherlands 3 Sue Smith England Paul Hogan England 5 Stacey Thame England Barry Zander Netherlands 5 Sarah Chick England Andy Keen Malta 5 Cheryl McLoughlin England Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 5 Sas Bode England Craig Stoner England 9 Angela Hogan England Sam Head England 9 Nathalie Kallen Switzerland Charlie Jackson England 9 Carol Perkins Robbins England Sven Wens Belgium 9 Paula Collins England Joe Davis England 9 Tracy Chambers Malta Norbert Attard Malta 9 Mary Paine England Greg Upton England 9 Gerry Johnson England Colin Littlecott England 9 Ann-Kathrin Wigmann Germany