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Mongolian Open 2016 – results and press release

The Mongolia Open 2016, the first ever World Darts Federation ranking event, in Association with Winmau was conducted during 6-7 August, 2016 at the Grand Hill Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. About 200 players participated in two days of the tournament.


WDF Tables updated with these results 14/08/2016, singles entries men 71, women 25 and open youth 16. Points are official (14/09/2016).

Winners Odkhuu Khundaganai
and Erdenechimeg Dondov Open Youth Champion
Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan

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Total of 23 teams and 38 pairs were played in Condor Doubles and Merge Van Team events on 6 August, 2016. The first 3 places of the team event were teams “Mongol Darts”, “Eagles”, “Classic” and “Powers”. And the first 3 places of the doubles event were pairs of B. Ankhbayar/B. Battulga (MGL), Kh. Odkhuu/E. Battulga (MGL), B. Binderiya/Ts. Baatarkhuyag (MGL) and Sh. Erdenetuya/G. Suren (MGL).

The main WDF ranking Mongolia Open single events were played on 7 August, 2016. In the single events 71 men, 25 women and 16 children competed for the titles. The Tsolmon Travel  Men’s Single event was won by Odkhuu Khundaganai (MGL). Meanwhile the Global Worldwide Women’s Single event was won by Erdenechimeg Dondov (MGL). And the Cosmo Darts Youth event was won by the 15 year old Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan (MGL).

The first Mongolia Open was organized successfully by the Mongolian Classic Darts Federation, an official member of WDF. Would like to thank all sponsors and everyone who helped in making this tournament a success.

Congratulations to all winners and great appreciation to all participants. We hope to see you again next year.

More information about the Mongolia Open 2016 in Association with Winmau and the Mongolian Classic Darts Federation is available via the following links:

MEN’S SINGLES Country Pos WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Odkhuu Khundaganai MGL 1 Erdenechimeg Dondov MGL Sainbayar Khayankhyarvaa MGL 2 Baatar Tsend MGL Gan-Erdene Sharavsambuu MGL 3 Erdenetuya Sharavsambuu MGL Battulga Erdenebaatar MGL 3 Suren Ganbat MGL Bayanmunkh Bataa MGL 5 Shinetsetseg Lkhagvasuren MGL Batbold Tumurchudur MGL 5 Ganchimeg Jambaldorj MGL Tsolmonbaatar Juulkhuu MGL 5 Tumentogtokh Samdan MGL Dulguun Gantumur MGL 5 Odonchimeg Namsraijav MGL Binderiya Batbileg MGL 9 Ongonsar Purev MGL Baasandorj Khurelpurev MGL 9 Maitsetseg Dashdorj MGL Baasanbayar Narangerel MGL 9 Mungunchimeg Sambuu MGL Ankhbayar Batkhuyag MGL 9 Olonzaan Zulzaga MGL Erdene Mandakh MGL 9 Amgalanzaya Galsandorj MGL Naranbat Chinchuluun MGL 9 Khandmaa Nyamsuren MGL Purevdorj Buyannemekh MGL 9 Enkhjin Erdene MGL Sukhbayar Enkhjargal MGL 9 Tsagaan Kh. MGL


Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country 1 Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan Mongolia 2 Munkhjin Erdene Mongolia 3 Khuslen Otgonbayar Mongolia 3 Margad Khashbat Mongolia