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Next Talent Of Darts 2016, Netherlands – results

Next Talent Of Darts was played 23/10/2016 in Sporthal de Spil, Lent, The Netherlands with 63 under 18 boys and 19 under 18 girls. In tournament was also event under 14 boys.

Picture of the winners made by Evert Zomer. From left to right: Girls under 18 Layla Brussel Netherlands, Boys under 14 Daan Beernink Netherlands and boys under 18 champion Bas Leeflang Netherlands.


WDF Tables updated with these results 25/10/2016.

WDF ranking events (under 18)

BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country Bas Leeflang Netherlands 1 Layla Brussel Netherlands Gijsbert van Malsen Netherlands 2 Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands Marvin van Velzen Netherlands 3 Veerle Hamelink Netherlands Owen Roelofs Netherlands 3 Lerena Rietbergen Netherlands Maarten Dirk Woord Netherlands 5 Joella Verhagen Netherlands Danny de Graaf Netherlands 5 Jacqueline Vogler Germany Jan Schlemmer Germany 5 Esmee van der Meulen Netherlands Daan Bastiaansen Netherlands 5 Melissa van de Velde Netherlands