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Provisional 2024 WDF Lakeside World Championship Fields

Jarno Bottenberg's dramatic victory at the Dutch Open saw him become the 11th player to automatically secure their spot at the 2024 WDF World Championships later this year.

Following the latest rankings update, taking into account the results from the past weekend's events in Scotland, the provisional fields as of Monday, February 19th for this year's World Championships are as follows.


Players ranked 1-16

1. Neil Duff (NIR)

2. Wesley Plaisier (NED) - West Europe ranking table

3. Liam Maendl-Lawrance (GER) - West Europe ranking table

4. Thomas Junghans (SWI)

5. Leonard Gates (USA) - USA ranking table

6. Alexander Merkx (NED)

7. Gary Stone (SCO)

8. Martyn Turner (ENG) - UK & Ireland ranking table

9. Jordan Brooks (ENG) - UK & Ireland ranking table

10. Mark Barilli (SCO)

11. Moreno Blom (NED)

12. Hannes Schnier (AUT)

13. Ben Robb (NZL) - New Zealand ranking table

14. Danny Porter (AUS) - Australia ranking table

15. Scott Walters (ENG)

16. Laszlo Kadar (ROM) - East Europe ranking table

Players ranked 17-32

17. Jarno Bottenberg (NED) - 2024 Dutch Open winner

18. Edwin Torbjornsson (SWE) - North Europe ranking table

19. Darren Johnson (ENG)

20. Aaron Turner (ENG)

21. James Beeton (ENG)

22. Patrik Kovacs (HUN) - East Europe ranking table

23. Jonny Tata (NZL)

24. Mike Gillet (WAL)

25. Kai-Fan Leung (HKG)

26. John Scott (ENG)

27. Ky Smith (AUS) - 2023 South Australia Classic winner

28. Matthew Edgar (ENG)

29. Antony Allen (ENG)

30. Francois Schweyen (BEL)

31. Dennis Nilsson (SWE)

32. Sybren Gijbels (BEL)

Players ranked 33-48

33. Cliff Prior (ENG)

34. Kevin Luke (USA) - USA ranking table

35. Brandon Weening (AUS)

36. Bjorn Lejon (SWE) - North Europe ranking table

37. Raymond Smith (AUS)

38. Peter Machin (AUS)

39. Aaron Morrison (AUS) - Australia ranking table

40. Shane McGuirk (IRE) - 2023 Irish Open winner

41. Jacob Taylor (CAN) - 2024 Las Vegas Open winner

42. Craig Brown (NZL) - New Zealand ranking table

43. Jun Matsuda (JPN) - Asia/Pacific ranking table

44. Paul Lim (SGP) - Asia/Pacific ranking table

45. Q1*

46. Q2

47. Q3

48. Q4


Players ranked 1-8

1. Beau Greaves (ENG) - 2023 World Championship winner, 2024 Dutch Open winner

2. Aileen de Graaf (NED) - 2023 Dutch Open winner, 2023 Irish Open winner

3. Rhian O'Sullivan (WAL) - UK & Ireland ranking table

4. Noa-Lynn van Leuven (NED) - 2023 Denmark Open winner, West Europe ranking table

5. Deta Hedman (ENG)

6. Aletta Wajer (NED)

7. Kirsty Hutchinson (ENG)

8. Irina Armstrong (GER)

Players ranked 9-16

9. Nicole Regnaud (NZL) - New Zealand ranking table

10. Desi Mercer (NZL)

11. Paula Murphy (USA) - USA ranking table

12. Lisa Ashton (ENG) - 2023 Australian Darts Open winner

13. Joanne Hadley (AUS) - Australia ranking table

14. Veronika Ihasz (HUN) - East Europe ranking table

15. Sophie McKinlay (SCO)

16. Maud Jansson (SWE) - North Europe ranking table

Players ranked 17-24

17. Anca Zijlstra (NED)

18. Wendy Harper (NZL)

19. Amanda Loch (AUS) - 2023 South Australia Classic winner

20. Fallon Sherrock (ENG) - 2024 Las Vegas Open winner

21. Mary-Anne Teinaki (NZL) - 2023 New Zealand Open winner

22. Yukie Sakaguchi (JPN) - Asia/Pacific ranking table

23. Q1*

24. Q2

*The four spots in the Men's World Championship designated as Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, as well as the two spots in the Women's World Championship designated as Q1 and Q2 will be determined by a one-off qualifying event to be held later in the year. The dates and location of this will be revealed in due course.


The final stages of both the Boys and Girls World Championships will be determined later in the year when dates are confirmed for the initial rounds. The Boys and Girls rankings have now been updated following the action at the Dutch Open.

Ranking Period

The qualification period for the 2024 WDF World Championship officially ends on Monday, October 28th following the conclusion of the Hungarian Classic and Hungarian Masters in Budapest. This provisional qualification list will be updated every week in the run up to this cut-off point as the fields continue to take shape. 

The next scheduled WDF ranking tournaments are the Gold-ranked Swiftflyte South Australian Classic (Feb 25th) and the Silver-ranked Slovak Open (Feb 24th) and Bronze Slovak Masters (Feb 25th) in Samorin, Slovakia.