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Results from the WDF youth ranked Next Talent of Darts

Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country 1. Berry van Peer Netherlands   1. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands 2. Mike van Duijvenbode Netherlands   2. Sandy Gerbes Netherlands 3. Colin Roelofs Netherlands   3. Veerle Hamerlink Netherlands 3. Maikel Verberk Netherlands   3. Anika Teutscher Germany 5. Fabian Schrijver Netherlands   5. Denise de Vries Netherlands 5. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands   5. Lianne Vos Netherlands 5. Kevin Doets Netherlands   5. Michelle Verberk Netherlands 5. Martijn Schoenmakers Netherlands   5. Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands 9. Pascol Pouw Netherlands         9. Danny Gall Netherlands         9. Danny Kiewiet Netherlands         9. Marijn van Lokven Netherlands         9. Maarten Dirk Woord Netherlands         9. Justin Man Netherlands         9. Tim Simonsen Germany         9. Danny Riechelmann Netherlands