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Results of the first day of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014

Results of the first day of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014

Tonight the first matches of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 are played. In the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 event 24 men, 6 ladies and 6 youth players participate and each players is in the top of the national and international darts scene.

The mens event starts with 8 groups of three players and in each group a seeded player ( a total of 8 seeded players ) is group head. According the system of the event the non seeded players of each group start to play their matches on the Friday evening.

The seeded players play their first matches on Saturday afternoon. The play the players who lost his first match on Friday evening. Later that day in the evening session the seeded player of a group plays the winner of the Friday evening match. At the end the 8 best players of a group remain an will play the quarter finals starting on Sunday afternoon the 7th of December. After the quarter finals on Sunday also the semi finals and final of the mens event are on the program.

The ladies event has the same format as the men only in this event we have two groups of three lplayers and the winner of each group plays the ladies final on Sunday the 7th of December.

No seeding for the youth event . Here the first player in the draw for a groop becomes group head and will play his matches on Saturday. The other two in a group will play on Friday and the winner of the group plays the youth final on Sunday in between the quarter finals and semi finals men.

Results of Friday the 5th of December:

GROUP PLAYER 1 PLAYER 2 RESULT E Ross Montgomery (Sco) – Alan Norris (Eng) 5 2 Ladies A Sharon Prins (Neth) – Fallon Sherrock (Eng) 4 3 C Madars Razma (Lat) – Jamie Hughes (Eng) 4 5 Youth B Mike v Duivenbode (Neth) – Lorenzo Schmelcher (Bel) 4 0 D Michel van der Horst (Neth) – Scott Waites (Eng) 5 4 Youth A Niels Zonneveld (Neth) – Callan Rydz (Eng) 1 4 G Ted Hankey (Eng) – Richard Veenstra (Neth) 5 3 A Willem Mandigers (Neth) – Darryl Fitton (Eng) 2 5 Continue results Friday GROUP PLAYER 1 PLAYER 2 RESULT Ladies B Deta Hedman (Eng) Ann Louise Peters (Den) 4 2 B Co Stompé (Neth) Yordi Meeuwisse (Neth) 2 5 H James Wilson (Eng) Martin Phillips (Wal) 3 5 F Remco van Eijden (Neth) Jeffrey de Graaf (Neth) 5 3

The players who lost the first match play the seeded player in thids order:

Matches for Saturday afternoon – 6 December:

GROUP PLAYER 1 PLAYER 2   E Rick Hofstra (Neth) – (3) Alan Norris (Eng) Ladies A Aileen de Graaf (Net) – (1) Fallon Sherrock (Eng) C Jan Dekker (Neth) – (5) Madars Razma (Lat) Youth B Justin van Tergouw (Neth) Lorenzo Scmelcher (Bel) D Scott Mitchell (Eng) – (4) Scott Waites (Eng) Youth A Colin Roelofs (Neth) Niels Zonneveld (Neth) G Gary Robson (Eng) – (7) Richard Veenstra (Neth) A Wesley Harms (Neth) – (1) Willem Mandigers (Neth) Ladies B Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus) – (2) Ann Louise Peters (Den) B Tony O’Shea (Eng) – (8) Co Stompé (Neth) H Martin Adams (Eng) – (2) James Wilson (Eng) F Geert De Vos (Bel) – (6) Jeffrey de Graaf (Neth)

The last matches of the group Round Robin are played on Saturday evening. After these matches we know the names of the players qualified for the quarter finals. These matches start on Sunday afternoon the 7th of December. According the seeding the winner of group A plays the winner of group B. The winner of group C plays winner of group D and the best player of group E meats the winner of group F in the quarter finals. And last but not least group G winner plays the winner of group H.

Saturday evenig matches:

GROUP PLAYER 1 PLAYER 2   E Rick Hofstra (Neth) – (3) Ross Montgomery (Sco) Ladies A Aileen de Graaf (Neth) – (1) Sharon Prins (Neth) C Jan Dekker (Neth) – (5) Jamie Hughes (Eng) Youth B Justin van Tergouw (Neth) Mike v Duivenbode (Neth) D Scott Mitchell (Eng) – (4) Michel van der Horst (Ned) Youth A Colin Roelofs (Neth) Callan Rydz (Eng) G Gary Robson (Eng) – (7) Ted Hankey (Eng) A Wesley Harms (Neth) – (1) Darryl Fitton (Eng) Ladies B Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus) – (2) Deta Hedman (Eng) B Tony O’Shea (Eng) – (8) Yordi Meeuwisse (Neth) H Martin Adams (Eng) – (2) Martin Phillips (Wal) F Geert De Vos (Bel) – (6) Remco van Eijden (Neth)