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Robert Holmes leaves the BDO after 20 years

After 20 years in his role as PR Consultant and more recently Executive Director of Communications for the BDO, Robert Holmes has resigned his position.

A highly respected figure not only within the darting fraternity, but also with the media, TV Production Companies, and of course the BBC, he is without doubt one of the most influential communicators ever to have graced our sport.

Robert was proud to have “looked after” all the World Professional Champions starting with John Part back in 1994. He was also the driving force behind Olly Croft’s OBE in 2004 and getting Darts officially recognised as a Sport in 2005.

Robert has worked tirelessly for the BDO, supported by his wife Sylvia who was always to be seen with him at the major BDO events. 

One of darts most likeable personalities, and the voice of the BDO, he will be sorely missed within the darts fraternity by players, officials and media alike.

Roy Price
WDF President