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Snook and West win 2012 Bob Jones Memorial

The 17th annual BOB JONES MEMORIAL tournament got off to a great start on Friday night with 168 players registering for the Blind Draw Doubles.

Total prize money for the weekend tournament was over $13,000 and the competition was stronger than usual.  However, it was only the North American players who took the opportunity to participate in the 501 singles with the top players receiving NDFC/WDF/BDO ranking points.

The singles event began with 107 men and 45 ladies playing for the coveted Bob Jones Memorial trophy.  The spectators who remained to see the final events were treated to some great darts.  Ross Snook, from Ottawa (Ontario) and Paul Bolduc from Sherbrooke (Quebec) put on a great show of darts going to the ninth leg; Ross Snook won the match 5-4.  The ladies event featured Cali West from Syracuse (New York) and Cindy Veith from Halifax (Nova Scotia).  This match also went to the deciding leg with Cali West winning the match 4-3.

The tournament organizers, Kim Whaley-Hilts and Wally Hilts, would like to thank all the participants and extend an invitation to all NDFC, WDF and BDO players to attend the 2013 event which will be held from October 25th to 27th.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Ross Snook Canada   1. Cali West USA 2. Paul Bolduc Canada   2. Cindy Veith Canada 3. Kiley Edmunds Canada   3. Cindy Hayhurst Canada 3. David Cameron Canada   3. Patricia Farrell Canada 5. Terry Hayhurst Canada   5. Bernadette Gibson Canada 5. Martin Tremblay Canada   5. Debralee Roberts Canada 5. Norm Tremblay Canada   5. Shelley Watson Canada 5. Sebastien Gagnon Canada   5. Darlene MacLeod Canada 9. Mike Aubrey Canada   9. Lori Kelley Canada 9. Gord Mills Canada   9. Christa Venedam Canada 9. Bill St. Croix Canada   9. Marion Carli Canada 9. Tom Smith Canada   9. Aoife Snook Canada 9. Andre Carman Canada   9. Robin Curry Canada 9. Dave Switzer Canada   9. Nathalie Bolduc Canada 9. Ritchell Penalosa Canada   9. Sam Walker Canada 9. Darrin Allen Canada   9. Debra Pegg Canada